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Get those graven images outta here! Easterncedar Jun 19 #1
Put it next to BidenRocks Jun 19 #18
And the Qur'an. forgotmylogin Jun 19 #30
Yep they don't get it. If the Ten Commandments can be placed inside public schools so can any religion's Commandments padah513 Jun 20 #50
LOL Skittles Jun 19 #2
He seems to be very proud of himself. Dave Bowman Jun 19 #3
Seriously, WTF was Louisiana thinking electing that guy? Initech Jun 20 #52
"Can't wait to be sued .." leftieNanner Jun 19 #4
Yes, and probably bluestarone Jun 19 #13
Satanic Church - You're Up! Deep State Witch Jun 19 #35
You mean Satanic Temple HuskyOffset Jun 20 #64
Yes, Of Course Deep State Witch Jun 20 #66
Someone needs to place simple posters next to the commandments with the definition of hypocrisy. Freethinker65 Jun 19 #5
Or DENVERPOPS Jun 19 #39
The Constitution is 100% clear that doing this is a major no no. cstanleytech Jun 19 #6
Every non-christian sect in La should sue to have their own set of doctrines also displayed in the schools. sop Jun 19 #7
"Jews..." JoseBalow Jun 19 #14
How about a mezuzah affixed to the doorframe at the entrance to every classroom? Or a shofar could be sop Jun 19 #15
Maybe a nice crumb cake after recess? JoseBalow Jun 19 #19
And if they're going to display The Jewish Commandments, put up all 613 Mitzvot, not just the first ten. sop Jun 20 #59
sop,,,,,,,,,, Upthevibe Jun 19 #45
Interesting that GOPers are so enthusiastic about posting the 10 Commandments Ocelot II Jun 19 #8
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's ass Major Nikon Jun 19 #38
The Lincol Project - Commandments tecelote Jun 20 #58
Fuck you and fuck theocracy !!! SamKnause Jun 19 #9
Serious question, would we allow Five Pillars of Islam or the Eight-Fold Path of Buddhism in schools? tornado34jh Jun 19 #10
Funny, I can't wait for him to be sued, either. ne Buns_of_Fire Jun 19 #11
Which version? The Catholic or Protestant version? keithbvadu2 Jun 19 #12
Thou Shalt Not Worship Any Graven Images Deep State Witch Jun 19 #16
Golden calves... rubbersole Jun 19 #24
A damn Republican wouldn't know the ten Firestorm49 Jun 19 #17
Yeah, WHICH TEN, Asshole? Warpy Jun 19 #20
Exactly, not like there's only one version to work with 0rganism Jun 19 #41
Our Jewish friends have everyone beat... LastDemocratInSC Jun 19 #43
All versions of the Christian bible contain more versions than just one Warpy Jun 19 #44
The Hammurabi Code is interesting, too. ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 20 #49
15 commandments? oh...wait.... paleotn Jun 19 #21
Mel Brooks is a genius Raven123 Jun 19 #31
And he turns 98 a week from this Friday! PSPS Jun 19 #33
Someone should supply prayer rugs in every classroom. JohnnyRingo Jun 19 #22
Can't wait to distribute Five Pillars of Wisdom plaques MadLinguist Jun 19 #23
If I still had kids in school, slightlv Jun 19 #25
They've opened the door to satanists again. truthisfreedom Jun 19 #26
Atheist Ten Commandments walkingman Jun 19 #27
Well said. paleotn Jun 19 #34
Thank you, Walkingman. Dr. T Jun 20 #65
Republicans want to expose children to Republican adultery delisen Jun 19 #28
Again, a Xian* pol trying to get attention pushing Old Testiment stuff but ignoring the marching orders his savior gave Attilatheblond Jun 19 #29
Somewhere I read ACLU already has Pas-de-Calais Jun 19 #32
but will he himself azureblue Jun 19 #36
In the view of being fair to all religions . . . Aussie105 Jun 19 #37
A Silver Lining to this Foolishness Vogon_Glory Jun 19 #40
Pretzel logic . . . Aussie105 Jun 19 #46
It's not like I invented it Vogon_Glory Jun 20 #62
The so-called Ten Commandments GarColga Jun 19 #42
Smite thy enemies! Aussie105 Jun 19 #47
ACLU is on it! KY_EnviroGuy Jun 20 #48
Hey Jeff Landry - take your damn commandments... Initech Jun 20 #51
The Supreme Court that ruled th inclusion of religion in class rooms tirebiter Jun 20 #55
Oh great, I fear the fix for permanent fascism is in. Initech Jun 20 #67
More culture-war theater from conservative Republicans. Beartracks Jun 20 #53
The ACLU will be filing a lawsuit LetMyPeopleVote Jun 20 #54
I am SO SICK of religious people. mwb970 Jun 20 #56
UGH Lemon Lyman Jun 20 #57
this will be a giant spit wad target... samnsara Jun 20 #60
Must be nice atreides1 Jun 20 #61
Why Louisiana's radical new law on Ten Commandments, schools matters LetMyPeopleVote Jun 20 #63
Absolute Pieces of Shit. Happy Hoosier Jun 20 #68
"Mommy, what's 'Adultery' ?" Paladin Jun 20 #69
*puts up the Sigil of Bahomet wherever the 10 Commandments are in the classrooms* sakabatou Jun 20 #70
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