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GOOD. I hope he rots. nt CaliforniaPeggy Jun 17 #1
Ditto. n/t iluvtennis Jun 17 #19
I hope he is perm removed from earth. Gone to meet his maker. Buh bye Bannon !!!!! Trueblue1968 Jun 17 #38
Either of those would work for me. calimary Jun 18 #62
A scroungy bum like him deserves a filthy, unclean, dank cell with no windows Blue Owl Jun 17 #2
Hell, he'd probably like that. Aristus Jun 17 #6
"...roaches, actually compulsively clean insects..." Wednesdays Jun 18 #43
"And lots of roaches" Dave Bowman Jun 17 #7
Judging from his usual appearance, that's probably the way he lives now Ocelot II Jun 17 #26
I wonder if he has a woman in his life or is he so odious that no woman wants to be with him? kimbutgar Jun 17 #31
From Wikipedia - Bumbles Jun 17 #34
Why am I not surprised kimbutgar Jun 17 #40
he probably has a rent wench Captain Zero Jun 17 #42
Last I knew he once had a wife he beat. She left him Joinfortmill Jun 18 #66
Or with a roommate who will want favors because of who he is and who he knows. ProudMNDemocrat Jun 18 #54
The prison they are talking about sending him to doesn't even have cells Major Nikon Jun 18 #55
My attitude is, they should drop him in a pit and throw him dinner scraps rpannier Jun 24 #82
amen to that Blue Owl... democratsruletheday Jun 18 #60
Honest I hope it has good AC, for everyone's sake 🥺 underpants Jun 17 #3
Rikers sounds scary - much worse than Danbury FakeNoose Jun 17 #41
Rikers is not a federal prison. Grins Jun 18 #71
For a state charge? underpants Jun 18 #72
County or City jail would be fine. multigraincracker Jun 17 #4
He was hoping to benefit from a 'better' tier of a two tier justice system ck4829 Jun 17 #5
Yes he could have done that FakeNoose Jun 18 #69
Riker's Island, baby! 11 Bravo Jun 17 #8
Here is to hoping that when Bannon gets out his next trial for scamming people into thinking that ... Botany Jun 17 #9
At least no one is going to be yelling "That's mine!" erronis Jun 17 #10
He won't get alcohol wherever he goes. I don't know how bad he is but that'll cause suffering. captain queeg Jun 17 #11
Good. lastlib Jun 17 #12
Easy to get drugs and alcohol JoseBalow Jun 17 #18
captain queeg.......... Upthevibe Jun 17 #24
Yep me too. When he's really looking like shit...more than usual. captain queeg Jun 17 #27
Let him drink "toilet wine". Omnipresent Jun 18 #52
I forgot about that. He probably will. captain queeg Jun 18 #56
Detoxing will be hell PuraVidaDreamin Jun 17 #13
ha ha. Bannon's lawyers say if jailed this summer, he couldn't be a meaningful advisor...... riversedge Jun 17 #14
C'mon Steve SomedayKindaLove Jun 17 #17
Yea stevie...register all the felons! PortTack Jun 18 #61
"... a meaningful advisor for a coup?" That would be a shame. captain queeg Jun 17 #21
Hey Steve.... COL Mustard Jun 17 #28
Had he not insisted on fighting the charge, he'd be done Deminpenn Jun 18 #49
I pity the inmates who will have to share a pod with him........... riversedge Jun 17 #15
It's like a dorm of cinder block cubicles with 1 bunk bed per "cell" JoseBalow Jun 17 #22
If they force him to shower it might kill him durablend Jun 17 #16
He's like Dirty D. cannabis_flower Jun 17 #30
The Wicked Wizard of the West rpannier Jun 17 #39
I'm thinking of a Fats Domino song bluescribbler Jun 17 #20
Was that Mannix? czarjak Jun 18 #47
Rofl. Good one! Joinfortmill Jun 18 #67
I vote we throw a party here at DU on 7/1! ShazzieB Jun 17 #23
Having to be his Cellmate Seinan Sensei Jun 17 #25
Will he get a decontamination shower? A flea dip? Dulcinea Jun 17 #29
Oh, great. Not! My birthstate will need cleansing, fumigation, anti-demon prayers. nt sprinkleeninow Jun 17 #32
Couldn't happen to a nicer criminal. Martin68 Jun 17 #33
May he share a cell with a burly,ill-tempered cellmate, Liberty Belle Jun 17 #35
Good things do happen. badhair77 Jun 17 #36
Don't do the crime, Steve rpannier Jun 17 #37
Pissing your pants, Bannon? orangecrush Jun 18 #44
Piece of advice Goldenlight Jun 18 #45
Prison rape suggestions and jokes aren't funny at all. Welcome to DU. SoFlaBro Jun 18 #48
Danbury is not a particularly nice place to go. But it will tune him up for his next sentence: his fraud trial in ... marble falls Jun 18 #53
Plenty of inmates have been beaten up and worse at low level prisons. They will tune his whole shit up. SoFlaBro Jun 18 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author Abolishinist Jun 19 #73
Sometimes a joke is just a joke. Abolishinist Jun 19 #74
Because that's how I roll. Where is the joke in rape? SoFlaBro Jun 19 #75
Rape is no joke. Rape is not a part of justice, Convicts are not part of the process. Consider editing your post. marble falls Jun 18 #51
Thank you! I don't know why suggesting shit like being raped in prison is treated so fucking casually. SoFlaBro Jun 18 #64
I haven't seen one of these in a while, they used to be more common. Thankyou for getting the first word in! marble falls Jun 18 #70
Let him hang out in genpop with the Aryan Nation AdamGG Jun 18 #46
Better suited to serve time in a Siberian salt mine.(NT) The Wizard Jun 18 #50
Why isn't Jordan going with him? surfered Jun 18 #57
And Scott Perry surfered Jun 18 #58
Look at him. It won't be easy for him. Bluethroughu Jun 18 #59
Good. Wouldnt take much for him to Joinfortmill Jun 18 #65
Bannon is not eligible for a minimum security 'Club Fed' type of prison camp LetMyPeopleVote Jun 18 #68
It's a pity the itty bitty clone of G.Gordon oasis Jun 19 #76
Sing Sing is not far away. Arne Jun 19 #77
Scruffy boy Bannon is so screwed. I forgot about the "bill a wall" scam that he stole thousands from. brush Jun 19 #78
His original pardon was from federal charges for "We Build the Wall" BumRushDaShow Jun 19 #79
Oh, baby! Judge Merchan gets a second bite out of the apple? brush Jun 19 #80
LOL BumRushDaShow Jun 19 #81
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