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29. Your efforts certainly paid off!
Sun Jun 16, 2024, 10:31 AM
Jun 16

There are still some hopeful signs from Indiana, the emergence of Pete Buttigieg being one of them. I for one am at a complete loss as to how President Obama won in a state such as Iowa twice, only to have it morph into a MAGA stronghold beginning in 2016. Perhaps the level of commitment and enthusiasm shown in Indiana back in 2008 made a difference elsewhere as well.

they just get worse and worse Skittles Jun 15 #1
Jennifer McCormick, Democrat, for Indiana Governor. 2024 Captain Zero Jun 15 #2
Then she really needs to run on right wing extremists taking away people's right to birth control and BComplex Jun 15 #3
She was a Republican prior to 2021 SouthBayDem Jun 15 #6
YES!!! She has a chance but needs to run a strong campaign. The IN GOP is nuts!!! LymphocyteLover Jun 16 #21
Micah Beckwith. Sounds like one of the Children of the Corn. peppertree Jun 15 #15
There are some Delphinus Jun 16 #24
I hear you peppertree Jun 16 #27
J.D. Vance has the same makeup artist Simeon Salus Jun 16 #26
Shady Dunce peppertree Jun 16 #28
Not a surprise, hope it bites them in the ass duckworth969 Jun 15 #4
KKK land LiberalFighter Jun 15 #5
So true! Wuddles440 Jun 15 #7
I know people who live in Lake County, NW Indiana rpannier Jun 15 #9
Indianapolis and Bloomington are very blue... but otherwise it's a hole LymphocyteLover Jun 16 #22
Yet voted for Obama in 2008 Zambero Jun 15 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author IndianaDave Jun 16 #19
For one thing, Obama physically campaigned in Indiana IndianaDave Jun 16 #20
Your efforts certainly paid off! Zambero Jun 16 #29
Florida too bagimin Jun 16 #30
Like Braun isn't far enough right Lulu KC Jun 15 #8
Probably getting back at Mr. "Hang Mike Pence" SouthBayDem Jun 15 #11
Right??? Braun is very disturbing. Hope this bites them in the ass LymphocyteLover Jun 16 #23
He is awful. Delphinus Jun 16 #25
Indeed. I keep wondering what will have to change to get some excitement from for Dems in the state LymphocyteLover Jun 16 #31
It seems nothing is too extreme for these Nazis JoseBalow Jun 15 #10
They are going all in. LiberalLovinLug Jun 15 #12
The general election is going to be a real litmus test in Indiana. ZonkerHarris Jun 15 #14
Democrats in this state have to stand on street corners begging for money, the party has completely bailed on it Cheezoholic Jun 16 #16
+ 1 Raastan Jun 16 #18
Agreed. I gotta wonder what it will take for things to change LymphocyteLover Jun 16 #32
I spend a third of the year in Indiana. tavernier Jun 16 #33
Hey you GOP shitbags,... LudwigPastorius Jun 16 #17
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