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33. No good mother fuckers. The court has to change. UnAmerican shits.
Fri Jun 14, 2024, 11:37 AM
Jun 14

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Roberts has some kind organic or neurological disease. And he is 69.

Thomas is 75 and the dirt nap is calling him. He turns 76 in a few days.

Kavanaugh should be thrown off because he had > 4,000 tips of abusive behavior towards
women that the FBI and the White House buried during his confirmation hearings.

From Wiki: (bump stock results)
On October 1, 2017, a mass shooting occurred when 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada from his 32nd-floor suites in the Mandalay Bay hotel. He fired more than 1,000 rounds, killing 60 people[a] and wounding at least 413. The ensuing panic brought the total number of injured to approximately 867. About an hour later, he was found dead in his room from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The motive for the shooting is officially undetermined.

then tax the shit out of the manufacturers samnsara Jun 14 #1
The tax on machine guns is $200.00 Kaleva Jun 14 #11
That would require an act of Congress Jose Garcia Jun 14 #12
Any such tax would be struck down in a heartbeat sarisataka Jun 14 #16
I'm betting they can be made by individuals with 3D printers. CaptainTruth Jun 14 #17
We need to pass a new law that will ban them nationally. Vote Democratic. Need majorities in Congress sinkingfeeling Jun 14 #2
The only real question is Blue Idaho Jun 14 #3
Ding ding ding SARose Jun 14 #6
... just guessing here,... the NRA and gun manufacturer's lobby,... magicarpet Jun 14 #14
Putin Kid Berwyn Jun 14 #47
I think we can look closer to home Blue Idaho Jun 14 #55
The AmeriKKKan killing spree with guns are given the green light and fully condoned by magicarpet Jun 14 #4
More people getting killed. MOMFUDSKI Jun 14 #5
This country is beyond hope. We had a good run. LonePirate Jun 14 #7
No. We never achieved the basics. No ERA, UDHR. Marcus IM Jun 14 #30
its time to revoke the immunity gun makers have for their products moonshinegnomie Jun 14 #8
Just gotta love the ExCOTUS. mwooldri Jun 14 #9
This is insanity. Gatling guns were military only in the 1860's. Machine guns in the 1930's. This is as bad. Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #10
Congress passed a law banning machine guns. It can pass a law banning bump stocks. Jose Garcia Jun 14 #18
Don't test that. James48 Jun 14 #36
Great thought. A true threat. Traildogbob Jun 14 #51
They did under Drumph. SCOTUS repealed it. Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #65
No they didn't. It was a regulation Jose Garcia Jun 14 #70
Have you watched the news? Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #77
Yes Jose Garcia Jun 14 #81
and the problem goes beyond this one issue. AR's and large magazine capacities are also in need of Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #66
Again, this is something that should be addressed by Congress Jose Garcia Jun 14 #71
Not surprised by this decision DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 14 #13
Agreed. The Supreme Court stated unlawful, not unconstitutional. GregariousGroundhog Jun 14 #20
Absolutely correct sarisataka Jun 14 #25
Sounds like you're channeling Alito here FBaggins Jun 14 #53
I can't deny it makes me throw up in my mouth a little sarisataka Jun 14 #54
Thank you! oldsoftie Jun 14 #60
As if they have any useful purpose other than killing lots of people quickly IronLionZion Jun 14 #15
The problem is the ban occurred by EO Zeitghost Jun 14 #61
so... myohmy2 Jun 14 #19
Yes Zeitghost Jun 14 #39
F**k atreides1 Jun 14 #21
If you think this is bad... DET Jun 14 #22
Until the wife gets the abuser first wolfie001 Jun 14 #29
The main issue are the semiautos and magazine capacity Kaleva Jun 14 #23
Sounds like the court wants MAGAts to have every advantage KS Toronado Jun 14 #24
They are fully planning for the armed insurrection Traildogbob Jun 14 #35
Just googled "trump civil war" KS Toronado Jun 14 #67
Thank you Traildogbob Jun 14 #68
I just started an OP on this subject Bob KS Toronado Jun 14 #72
It HAS to be addressed Traildogbob Jun 14 #73
Was just thinking a great Lincoln Project ad would be KS Toronado Jun 14 #82
Excellent idea. Traildogbob Jun 14 #84
In a loss for the American people, guns continue to have more rights AllyCat Jun 14 #26
The gun the Las Vegas weirdo used..... wolfie001 Jun 14 #27
What's the diff? surfered Jun 14 #28
The diff is sarisataka Jun 14 #37
So the National Firearms Act of 1934 should have used a definition with a rate of fire? surfered Jun 14 #38
Rate of fire definitions also have potential pitfalls. sarisataka Jun 14 #40
Sounds like you could submit a draft bill surfered Jun 14 #42
Not a bad idea sarisataka Jun 14 #44
Thank you for explanation surfered Jun 14 #41
This is how a bump stock works: sop Jun 14 #31
SCOTUS plays Oprah "and you get a machine gun, and you get a machine gun" 303squadron Jun 14 #32
No good mother fuckers. The court has to change. UnAmerican shits. Botany Jun 14 #33
It's the correct decision Zeitghost Jun 14 #34
Sounds like a workaround meant to flout said law - and very much intended as such peppertree Jun 14 #43
Yes Zeitghost Jun 14 #45
El Cheeto, you know, is completely in favor of anything he thinks will give his Trumpkins more firepower peppertree Jun 14 #49
He banned bump stocks by EO Zeitghost Jun 14 #50
A 'mistake' I'm sure he won't make twice peppertree Jun 14 #52
That's inaccurate in that there was no Presidential EO. Instead, the DoJ acted through the Federal Rule-Making Process. 24601 Jun 14 #64
So tear down your wall SCROTUS! GreenWave Jun 14 #46
Congress ceding power and responsibility to other branches of our government duckworth969 Jun 14 #48
Statement of President Joe Biden on the Supreme Court Decision Garlan v. Cargill LetMyPeopleVote Jun 14 #56
Calling it a "weapon" was a stupid move. Ban it as something else. oldsoftie Jun 14 #57
Looks like no need for a machine gun anymore. bluestarone Jun 14 #58
The ONLY sensible action taken by donye truthisfreedom Jun 14 #59
From a policy perspective, sure Zeitghost Jun 14 #62
While the overwhelming majority of Americans use common sense, right wing scotus doesn't care.. NowsTheTime Jun 14 #63
In plenty of time for the next assault on the Capitol. Harker Jun 14 #69
Every time this kind of ruling occurs Marthe48 Jun 14 #74
Unfuckingbelievable. SunSeeker Jun 14 #75
The decision is correct. The answer is congress who is not doing their job. Jansen Jun 14 #76
A banner day for sea-lions. Torchlight Jun 14 #78
Ah ha. jimfields33 Jun 14 #83
I just hope the corrupt 6 get to experience what they're advocating for, first hand. ecstatic Jun 14 #79
So, 600 rounds a minute using a bump stock is not a machine gun. hadEnuf Jun 14 #80
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