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20. Agreed. The Supreme Court stated unlawful, not unconstitutional.
Fri Jun 14, 2024, 10:52 AM
Jun 14

A bump stock causes a subsequent "function of the trigger" when the recoil of the firearm pushes the trigger against a stationary finger. One round is discharged for each function of the trigger, and so it is not a machine gun. A machine gun discharges more than one round for each function of the trigger.

Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson are just plain wrong on this.

then tax the shit out of the manufacturers samnsara Jun 14 #1
The tax on machine guns is $200.00 Kaleva Jun 14 #11
That would require an act of Congress Jose Garcia Jun 14 #12
Any such tax would be struck down in a heartbeat sarisataka Jun 14 #16
I'm betting they can be made by individuals with 3D printers. CaptainTruth Jun 14 #17
We need to pass a new law that will ban them nationally. Vote Democratic. Need majorities in Congress sinkingfeeling Jun 14 #2
The only real question is Blue Idaho Jun 14 #3
Ding ding ding SARose Jun 14 #6
... just guessing here,... the NRA and gun manufacturer's lobby,... magicarpet Jun 14 #14
Putin Kid Berwyn Jun 14 #47
I think we can look closer to home Blue Idaho Jun 14 #55
The AmeriKKKan killing spree with guns are given the green light and fully condoned by magicarpet Jun 14 #4
More people getting killed. MOMFUDSKI Jun 14 #5
This country is beyond hope. We had a good run. LonePirate Jun 14 #7
No. We never achieved the basics. No ERA, UDHR. Marcus IM Jun 14 #30
its time to revoke the immunity gun makers have for their products moonshinegnomie Jun 14 #8
Just gotta love the ExCOTUS. mwooldri Jun 14 #9
This is insanity. Gatling guns were military only in the 1860's. Machine guns in the 1930's. This is as bad. Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #10
Congress passed a law banning machine guns. It can pass a law banning bump stocks. Jose Garcia Jun 14 #18
Don't test that. James48 Jun 14 #36
Great thought. A true threat. Traildogbob Jun 14 #51
They did under Drumph. SCOTUS repealed it. Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #65
No they didn't. It was a regulation Jose Garcia Jun 14 #70
Have you watched the news? Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #77
Yes Jose Garcia Jun 14 #81
and the problem goes beyond this one issue. AR's and large magazine capacities are also in need of Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #66
Again, this is something that should be addressed by Congress Jose Garcia Jun 14 #71
Not surprised by this decision DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 14 #13
Agreed. The Supreme Court stated unlawful, not unconstitutional. GregariousGroundhog Jun 14 #20
Absolutely correct sarisataka Jun 14 #25
Sounds like you're channeling Alito here FBaggins Jun 14 #53
I can't deny it makes me throw up in my mouth a little sarisataka Jun 14 #54
Thank you! oldsoftie Jun 14 #60
As if they have any useful purpose other than killing lots of people quickly IronLionZion Jun 14 #15
The problem is the ban occurred by EO Zeitghost Jun 14 #61
so... myohmy2 Jun 14 #19
Yes Zeitghost Jun 14 #39
F**k atreides1 Jun 14 #21
If you think this is bad... DET Jun 14 #22
Until the wife gets the abuser first wolfie001 Jun 14 #29
The main issue are the semiautos and magazine capacity Kaleva Jun 14 #23
Sounds like the court wants MAGAts to have every advantage KS Toronado Jun 14 #24
They are fully planning for the armed insurrection Traildogbob Jun 14 #35
Just googled "trump civil war" KS Toronado Jun 14 #67
Thank you Traildogbob Jun 14 #68
I just started an OP on this subject Bob KS Toronado Jun 14 #72
It HAS to be addressed Traildogbob Jun 14 #73
Was just thinking a great Lincoln Project ad would be KS Toronado Jun 14 #82
Excellent idea. Traildogbob Jun 14 #84
In a loss for the American people, guns continue to have more rights AllyCat Jun 14 #26
The gun the Las Vegas weirdo used..... wolfie001 Jun 14 #27
What's the diff? surfered Jun 14 #28
The diff is sarisataka Jun 14 #37
So the National Firearms Act of 1934 should have used a definition with a rate of fire? surfered Jun 14 #38
Rate of fire definitions also have potential pitfalls. sarisataka Jun 14 #40
Sounds like you could submit a draft bill surfered Jun 14 #42
Not a bad idea sarisataka Jun 14 #44
Thank you for explanation surfered Jun 14 #41
This is how a bump stock works: sop Jun 14 #31
SCOTUS plays Oprah "and you get a machine gun, and you get a machine gun" 303squadron Jun 14 #32
No good mother fuckers. The court has to change. UnAmerican shits. Botany Jun 14 #33
It's the correct decision Zeitghost Jun 14 #34
Sounds like a workaround meant to flout said law - and very much intended as such peppertree Jun 14 #43
Yes Zeitghost Jun 14 #45
El Cheeto, you know, is completely in favor of anything he thinks will give his Trumpkins more firepower peppertree Jun 14 #49
He banned bump stocks by EO Zeitghost Jun 14 #50
A 'mistake' I'm sure he won't make twice peppertree Jun 14 #52
That's inaccurate in that there was no Presidential EO. Instead, the DoJ acted through the Federal Rule-Making Process. 24601 Jun 14 #64
So tear down your wall SCROTUS! GreenWave Jun 14 #46
Congress ceding power and responsibility to other branches of our government duckworth969 Jun 14 #48
Statement of President Joe Biden on the Supreme Court Decision Garlan v. Cargill LetMyPeopleVote Jun 14 #56
Calling it a "weapon" was a stupid move. Ban it as something else. oldsoftie Jun 14 #57
Looks like no need for a machine gun anymore. bluestarone Jun 14 #58
The ONLY sensible action taken by donye truthisfreedom Jun 14 #59
From a policy perspective, sure Zeitghost Jun 14 #62
While the overwhelming majority of Americans use common sense, right wing scotus doesn't care.. NowsTheTime Jun 14 #63
In plenty of time for the next assault on the Capitol. Harker Jun 14 #69
Every time this kind of ruling occurs Marthe48 Jun 14 #74
Unfuckingbelievable. SunSeeker Jun 14 #75
The decision is correct. The answer is congress who is not doing their job. Jansen Jun 14 #76
A banner day for sea-lions. Torchlight Jun 14 #78
Ah ha. jimfields33 Jun 14 #83
I just hope the corrupt 6 get to experience what they're advocating for, first hand. ecstatic Jun 14 #79
So, 600 rounds a minute using a bump stock is not a machine gun. hadEnuf Jun 14 #80
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