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30. I go
Thu Jun 13, 2024, 09:43 PM
Jun 13

To Du first thing in my day. Ho ping to read about that orange moronspassing. Gawd damn what an abomination t you people have to put with. . vote BLUE.

Seems like this sort of thing should trigger a massive cardiac event for FF45 Blue Owl Jun 13 #1
I was wondering why it didn't cause a burst blood vessel in his brain. NH Ethylene Jun 13 #10
Like the guy ringing the bell in Breaking Bad ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 13 #14
Ooooh that never MuseRider Jun 13 #28
And unable to control his bowels. Like now..... n/t lastlib Jun 13 #15
I wonder what he expects Johnson will be able to do about it Walleye Jun 13 #2
As do I. Harker Jun 13 #4
Johnson said the SC should step in!!! riversedge Jun 13 #27
Can we antagonize him more? LiberalFighter Jun 13 #3
he's gonna blow at sentencing. mopinko Jun 14 #33
Ditto BlueWavePsych Jun 14 #34
Over turned or not, the convict felon trump will always be known as a convicted felon. republianmushroom Jun 13 #5
Wouldn't it be great if the judge sentenced him to immediate jail (or other kind of custody)? calimary Jun 13 #6
I go 3auld6phart Jun 13 #30
me too cept i check my phone for announcements before I even get up samnsara Jun 14 #31
Stress is the silent killer, if we're lucky. The loudmouth will never STFU. Comfortably_Numb Jun 13 #7
i have a comment but i wont post it.not against your post though. AllaN01Bear Jun 13 #24
"The defendant repeatedly denied any wrongdoing..." J_William_Ryan Jun 13 #8
Overheard by whom? JoseBalow Jun 13 #9
Could have been on a speakerphone BumRushDaShow Jun 13 #11
The article references Politico's Playbook newsletter JoseBalow Jun 13 #17
I get hit with paywall notices on some of the Politico articles BumRushDaShow Jun 13 #19
Exactly Ponietz Jun 13 #12
What a display of Teump's Godliness. apnu Jun 13 #13
As usual, UK outlet headlines are more blunt and honest than US outlets I've seen. nt wiggs Jun 13 #16
Not only do rwnj lack shame Marthe48 Jun 13 #18
More proof that Michael Johnson is an unprincipled partisan hack. Martin68 Jun 13 #20
OK, Boss, we'll demand that the SC intervene. How's that? Sogo Jun 13 #21
Christofascist mike can't recon the devil when he screams at him... Justice matters. Jun 13 #22
See, I always thought that a guilty verdict could be APPEALED Mr. Ected Jun 13 #23
"To solicit the legislative branch to supersede a ruling of the judicial branch is the stuff of fascism." BumRushDaShow Jun 13 #25
When will members of the Republican Party tell Donny to fuck off? Botany Jun 13 #26
Was trump profane, obscene and blasphemous enough to set off the Johnson family porn detector? Marcuse Jun 13 #29
Awwwww...poor donnie...........NOT!!!!! electric_blue68 Jun 14 #32
Chump's mistake was getting rid of Kevin McCarthy - HE could have overturned it FakeNoose Jun 14 #35
Awwww. Are the dotard's feefees hurt? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 14 #36
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