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46. So, let me get this straight . . .
Thu Jun 6, 2024, 06:34 AM
Jun 6

It's the DEMOCRATIC SENATORS who are out of line and need discipline...
for daring to say something critical about a corrupt, conservative judge...
for fulfilling their responsibilities to maintain "checks and balances" between branches of government...
and for speaking the obvious fucking truth that the SCOTUS has a huge ethics problem and has been
packed with political moles.

The country has gone completely fucking batshit crazy -- driven there on the insane klown bus
known as the GOP. If this is the party-line response, then the GOP has lost all sense of decency,
justice, and right vs wrong. They are hopelessly lost, willfully staggered off the cliff of perdition.

HST was right: "a generation of swine"!

Moscow Mitch needs to be put out to pasture. Lonestarblue Jun 5 #1
I think Mitch needs to be fantase56 Jun 5 #10
Quite right Traurigkeit Jun 5 #11
In moscow. niyad Jun 6 #38
Mcconnel would have died a long time ago BOSSHOG Jun 5 #27
Fuck McTurtle with a red hot poker! He's an ass after all the shit his side has pulled for their Golden God-man. machoneman Jun 5 #2
Especially screwing up things for the black president. McTurtle's words Traurigkeit Jun 5 #12
The GOP brings us into 21st century dystopia. Irish_Dem Jun 5 #3
Hedge fund justice wolfie001 Jun 5 #16
I guess the saying is right, money is the root of all evil. Irish_Dem Jun 5 #18
Actually that's not the saying... druidity33 Jun 6 #57
Oh that is exactly the correct way to put it. Irish_Dem Jun 6 #59
That toilet you hear flushing is carrying away the last vestiges of Senator McConnell's honor and dignity. patphil Jun 5 #4
That happened a loooooooong time ago. niyad Jun 6 #39
The same Traildogbob Jun 5 #5
Republicans in Congress are threatening to disarm the Justice Department, and calling Baitball Blogger Jun 5 #6
Fuck you Moscow Mitch, you're what got us to this point in the first place. groundloop Jun 5 #7
Yes DENVERPOPS Jun 5 #30
They can use the same defense you traitors always do NanaCat Jun 5 #8
How dare they stand up for this country? mahina Jun 5 #9
Failure to recuse is conduct unbecoming a justice Qutzupalotl Jun 5 #13
Child rape supporter said what? onecaliberal Jun 5 #14
Speech and Debate, MOFO nt Xipe Totec Jun 5 #15
F off Moscow Mitch. Still supporting the shredding of the Constitution and Democracy. n/t Evolve Dammit Jun 5 #17
Moscow Mitch Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 5 #19
MoscowMitch should go visit his buddy Oleg Deripaska, or go fight for Putin directly. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 5 #20
Mitch likes his discipline... dlk Jun 5 #21
McConnell suggests discipline for Senators who want the nakocal Jun 5 #22
ummmmmmmm slumcamper Jun 5 #23
Yeah... Mitch the B***h... OldBaldy1701E Jun 5 #24
I clicked only for the replies, and DUers do not disappoint Drum Jun 5 #25
I got your "discipline" right here Mitch. CaptainTruth Jun 5 #26
I anxiously await Traildogbob Jun 5 #28
Eat shit and die turtle face Blue Owl Jun 5 #29
GFY Mitch. hadEnuf Jun 5 #31
The gravedigger of democracy strikes again DBoon Jun 5 #32
Glorified Hillbilly JoseBalow Jun 5 #33
Isn't he dead yet? Blue Idaho Jun 5 #34
No light where he's going Katcat Jun 6 #40
Just too crooked to lay down The Wizard Jun 6 #54
Laughable. Check out your own party. nt babylonsister Jun 5 #35
Correction BaronChocula Jun 5 #36
Exactly. They're publically calling for Roberts to make SCOTUS adhere to ethics rules. SunSeeker Jun 6 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 5 #37
Go back in The shell AKwannabe Jun 6 #41
Mitch McConnell likes to punish his colleagues. I will never forget what he said to Senator Liz Warren... Hekate Jun 6 #43
I have an offensive remark about this 90-percent Jun 6 #44
Retaliation is a popular trend for republicans liberal N proud Jun 6 #45
So, let me get this straight . . . King_Klonopin Jun 6 #46
Later, he also said -- Oopsie Daisy Jun 6 #47
Considering McConnell used the Constitution as toilet paper as per President Obama's Constitutionally Botany Jun 6 #48
There is no end to that man's gall and hypocrisy. Scrivener7 Jun 6 #49
I'm surprised he didn't call for them to be tied to a post and whipped. nt Hotler Jun 6 #50
LOL. They just phone in the fake outrage now, it appears. nt Gore1FL Jun 6 #51
McConnell played a major role The Wizard Jun 6 #52
But participating in an insurrection of the government isn't considered conduct unbecoming, right Mitch? --nt CrispyQ Jun 6 #53
America suggests all insurrectionists be expelled from Congress. pecosbob Jun 6 #55
While you're on your high horse, Mitch, what about the Senators and Congressmen ... Midnight Writer Jun 6 #56
I thought Mitch McConnell froze to death like year ago prodigitalson Jun 6 #58
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