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32. Whats my name...Eazy
Wed Jun 5, 2024, 01:15 PM
Jun 5

That video by NWA is the first thing I thought of seeing this...live from Prison...Trump This cannot be reality

Why not, many of his friends are already there. twodogsbarking Jun 5 #1
I only wish they could count on it. marble falls Jun 5 #2
These "people" are unmitigated filth John Shaft Jun 5 #3
No. Absolutely no. CincyDem Jun 5 #4
Agree. "Live in person" wearing an ankle bracelet Freddie Jun 5 #6
In an orange jumpsuit and no hair product! tanyev Jun 5 #5
make it so !!! AllaN01Bear Jun 5 #12
Oh, the stories he'll be able to tell about big strong men with tears in their eyes. tanyev Jun 5 #17
... orangecrush Jun 5 #23
"Sire, we have dozens of other inmates crying their eyes out at your magnificence" machoneman Jun 5 #48
Yes orangecrush Jun 6 #55
Prisons don't do speeches NJCher Jun 5 #7
They can allow a transit to someplace like a courthouse NanaCat Jun 5 #50
No, they don't NJCher Jun 5 #53
Announcement NJCher Jun 5 #8
Ya love to see it ColinC Jun 5 #9
Easy solution for the Cult is to prerecord Motherfucker's acceptance speech Aviation Pro Jun 5 #10
Televised from prison? Conjuay Jun 5 #11
How . . . is . . . this . . . even . . .?!!! I cannot believe this nightmare is our current reality. LaMouffette Jun 5 #13
The difference is Trump has no shame. geardaddy Jun 5 #27
The difference is that Trump is a skilled Con Man maxsolomon Jun 5 #38
"When did elections stop being about a candidate's fundamental character...?" Septua Jun 5 #33
That happened somewhere between 2009 and 2017 ScratchCat Jun 5 #36
When did elections stop being about a candidate's fundamental character...whenever a MAGAT ran for office. machoneman Jun 5 #49
Sounds like a good plan. Having the party's nominee giving speeches from prison is a big vote getter. Botany Jun 5 #14
No way to hear it with all the clattering of tin cups on the bars. Wonder Why Jun 5 #15
hitler was was jailed for treason Marthe48 Jun 5 #16
In my wildest fever dream I never could have imagined a nominee addressing the RNC from a jail cell. sop Jun 5 #18
Jailhouse Crock Zambero Jun 5 #19
He is a fucking convicted felon Whatley....................end of story........... turbinetree Jun 5 #20
As if #DementiaDonnie will ever be inside a prison. n/t area51 Jun 5 #21
Congratulations orangecrush Jun 5 #22
We are participating in this circus by entertaining the idea of it happening. truthisfreedom Jun 5 #24
I've said the same thing ScratchCat Jun 5 #37
More of his supporters should join him in prison IronLionZion Jun 5 #25
All I had to do is read the title of the thread--- Bayard Jun 5 #26
They talk like this is normal liberal N proud Jun 5 #28
If I actually believed that would happen, I would be investing in popcorn futures. RockRaven Jun 5 #29
The incarceration will not be televised. C_U_L8R Jun 5 #30
It would be a nice image SpankMe Jun 5 #31
Whats my name...Eazy Roc2020 Jun 5 #32
Obviously these loons have never been in a jail or prison Blue Idaho Jun 5 #34
I don't recall prisoners ever being given special privileges to give speeches. cstanleytech Jun 5 #35
"This call is from a New York state prison..." JoseBalow Jun 5 #39
It's good they are discussing it. kentuck Jun 5 #40
They've lost their fucking minds. Martin68 Jun 5 #41
If he is in prison(which I doubt.) sheshe2 Jun 5 #42
Our allies around the world are shaking their heads wondering IcyPeas Jun 5 #43
Lock him up! Emile Jun 5 #44
Johnny Cash did a whole album from prison. Yavin4 Jun 5 #45
That's good, *rump can tell them how he was born a poor black child. Uncle Joe Jun 5 #46
"Hitler was in jail too," they say. Mysterian Jun 5 #47
So, before the speech starts, will the delegates here a recorded voice saying dflprincess Jun 5 #51
Yeah, you know, I'm sure Rikers has great video studios-- viva la Jun 5 #52
"I'm doing this for you" Riiiiight oasis Jun 6 #54
Doubtful. no_hypocrisy Jun 6 #56
in his orange suit?? samnsara Jun 6 #57
Orange coveralls or stripes? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 13 #58
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