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1. Rotten **** REALLY wants that SCOTUS nomination MF45 dangled.
Tue Jun 4, 2024, 11:25 PM
Jun 4

If only we had some sort of Federal department that could investigate this kind of corruption.

Rotten **** REALLY wants that SCOTUS nomination MF45 dangled. FoxNewsSucks Jun 4 #1
Rotten to the core. This case in FL is the most important case. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 4 #2
There is no doubt in my mind she is being mentored Bristlecone Jun 4 #3
I agree she's being mentored, but I think her mentors are people a lot smarter than Thomas and Alito padah513 Jun 5 #8
Yep, the same people that mentor Thomas and Alito. tanyev Jun 5 #18
Bingo. SergeStorms Jun 5 #19
The recent young college trained lawyers,...s, magicarpet Jun 6 #38
she is so corrupt. literal criminal accessory ZonkerHarris Jun 4 #4
Well, she's sure got her presidential kneepads... calimary Jun 4 #5
Loose Cannon is demonstrating how the judiciary will operate if the SlobFather were to win the election. NoMoreRepugs Jun 4 #6
A fiasco of justice resides in Cannon's US Federal Court. magicarpet Jun 4 #7
Who has the power to do that? AdamGG Jun 5 #10
There were only ancianita Jun 5 #13
What examples of judicial reform do you think we should seek if we win back the majority? onenote Jun 5 #28
Supreme Court reforms,... magicarpet Jun 6 #39
Thanks for the clarification, but AdamGG Jun 5 #33
Okay, but ancianita Jun 5 #34
Really without a healthy majority control of both House and Senate. Even if Biden wins,... magicarpet Jun 6 #40
Agree. ancianita Jun 6 #43
We're in the majority because Manchin still caucuses with Democrats onenote Jun 6 #42
How much money is she getting on the side to do all this outlandish stuff? Anybody know if she's got offshore ffr Jun 5 #9
She's married to Josh Lorence. Whatever wealth she accumulates would be under his name, or put in a trust. ancianita Jun 5 #14
Of course she's corrupt...duh... littlemissmartypants Jun 5 #11
I'm a mixture of discouraged, giving up, and pissed off AverageOldGuy Jun 5 #12
The only way to fight back is for Jack to leak like a sieve. This whole charade is to keep ugly MOMFUDSKI Jun 5 #15
FWIW -- The government took no position on whether these additional parties should be part of the oral argument. onenote Jun 5 #16
This has all the stink of the Eastman strategy with the fake electors. Baitball Blogger Jun 5 #17
Friend of the court Elmer1007 Jun 5 #20
You are correct. Which is why the Special Prosecutor hasn't opposed the expansion of the oral argument participants. onenote Jun 5 #27
Buying him too much time. Kid Berwyn Jun 5 #21
This order didn't change the schedule. onenote Jun 5 #22
But it can. Kid Berwyn Jun 5 #24
Again, when and how she rules on this motion isn't impacted by having allowed additional parties to argue. onenote Jun 5 #25
Thanks, I get it. Kid Berwyn Jun 5 #29
Am i wrong that she shot this down at first? Then changed her mind after bluestarone Jun 5 #30
She's ruining her reputation (which others say WAS OK) acting like a clown judge CousinIT Jun 5 #23
How is allowing respected constitutional lawyer to argue in support of Smith ruining her reputation? onenote Jun 5 #26
Because the entire basis for the hearing is nonsense ScratchCat Jun 5 #31
Hunter Biden has made that argument multiple times. onenote Jun 5 #32
He made it once and it was dismissed ScratchCat Jun 5 #35
I don't think you are correct about the timing. onenote Jun 5 #36
She's going to delay everything until November liberalmediaaddict Jun 5 #37
Yup just like the SC is preventing the January 6 BlueKota Jun 6 #41
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