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Fri May 24, 2024, 05:35 PM May 24

'You're a menace to our society' New Jersey electrician sentenced to 12 years in prison [View all]

Source: WUSA 9

'You're a menace to our society' | New Jersey electrician sentenced to 12 years in prison for assaulting multiple officers on Jan. 6

Author: Jordan Fischer
Published: 5:26 PM EDT May 24, 2024
Updated: 5:27 PM EDT May 24, 2024

WASHINGTON — A federal judge sentenced a former New Jersey electrician to 12 years in prison Friday for assaulting at least a half dozen officers during the Capitol riot.

Christopher Joseph Quaglin, 38, of North Brunswick, was convicted last July of 14 counts, including 12 felonies, in a stipulated bench trial. The charges include six counts of assaulting police, two counts of robbery and one count of obstructing an official proceeding.

Federal prosecutors sought 14 years in prison for Quaglin – describing him as among the most violent members of the mob on Jan. 6. In a sentencing memo, they said he was part of the first breach of bike rack barricades and spent more than three hours “wreaking havoc” on the west side of the U.S. Capitol.

“On at least a dozen occasions, Quaglin stood face-to-face with officers as he screamed at, pushed with outstretched arms, punched, swatted and slapped officers; pushed bike racks into officers; and even choked one officer to the ground,” prosecutors wrote. Prosecutors said Quaglin also sprayed multiple officers with chemical irritant, including spraying at least one officer who was not wearing a gas mas or face shield directly in the face.

Read more: https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/national/capitol-riots/youre-a-menace-to-our-society-new-jersey-electrician-sentenced-to-12-years-in-prison-for-assaulting-multiple-officers-on-jan-6-christopher-quaglin/65-dadbd63c-7b84-465d-98b9-d79dff9017b7

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Finally a punishing sentence Marthe48 May 24 #1
That Said.. ProfessorGAC May 24 #2
That's a good question Marthe48 May 24 #3
Federal judges are bound by sentencing guidelines JoseBalow May 24 #5
Yeah, I Looked That Up, Too ProfessorGAC May 24 #10
Prosecutors ask for the high end, defense asks for the low end JoseBalow May 24 #12
That Addresses My Question ProfessorGAC May 24 #14
I love these kinds of informative sub-threads. This is why I DU. AnrothElf May 24 #20
Yes, there is a wealth of knowledge and PatSeg May 24 #30
I believe for many this is a first offense, which the judge has to weigh and consider unless there's an aggravating keopeli May 25 #48
I don't believe that's correct boyedav1969 May 25 #40
Yes, as I mentioned, there are exceptions for upward or downward departures JoseBalow May 25 #49
Preet Bahara takes questions NJCher May 24 #17
You know who is a far bigger menace to society? SleeplessinSoCal May 24 #4
And for BIGGEST menace to society; the envelope please... GiqueCee May 24 #8
I believe a new definition of Patriotism is due. SleeplessinSoCal May 24 #29
Absolute scum. blue neen May 24 #6
Good. colorado_ufo May 24 #7
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. TomSlick May 24 #9
And Mr. Q. will disappear into some grey bar Hilton soon to be forgotten by everybody except .... Botany May 25 #47
Good. He got off easy! Firestorm49 May 24 #11
50 years is too few Traurigkeit May 24 #13
Amazing how they are still getting these insurrectionists 4 years later IronLionZion May 24 #15
Twelve years will fly by, only 4380 days. twodogsbarking May 24 #16
Well, he can teach COL Mustard May 24 #18
I bet he was shocked by that sentence. JustABozoOnThisBus May 24 #19
just had to stop by to say LOL! n/t orleans May 24 #22
As an electrician I approve this message ornotna May 24 #23
once upon a time there was another asshole who got some decent jail time for criming around on 1/6 nt orleans May 24 #21
They should let these guys out on parole if trump dies before their time is up. Turbineguy May 24 #24
'You're a menace to our society' myohmy2 May 24 #25
Christopher, your application to Fed U. and the felon club has been approved. republianmushroom May 24 #26
Man insults judge who sentenced him to 12 years in prison for attacking police during Capitol riot mahatmakanejeeves May 24 #27
"He's a patriot and he does support the police," Demovictory9 May 24 #28
Still not good enough. The Grand Illuminist May 24 #31
Let's see how this thug does in prison where onetexan May 25 #33
ive been saying this all the way along and i get shouted down . coonstitunal treasonists . AllaN01Bear May 25 #46
pic of the POS Celerity May 25 #32
Crime took place 1/6/20, arrested April 2021 Danascot May 25 #37
Jan 6 was in 2021, not 2020 Celerity May 25 #42
There was a time when only an execution would suffice padfun May 25 #34
and Trump would pardon him LymphocyteLover May 25 #35
Trump could have pardoned all of them between 1/7/21 - 1/20/21 Danascot May 25 #36
We wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if the propaganda machine hadn't pumped out lies 24/7. flying_wahini May 25 #38
The truth is, he got off lightly. Each of the 6 attacks on police officers, including choking one and spraying chemicals Martin68 May 25 #39
If he had done those things to any other police in America, he'd likely be dead. subterranean May 25 #41
Particularly if he was a person of color. Martin68 May 25 #43
All the way down the rabbit hole Kalifornia9 May 25 #44
when are they going to do said same to the orange meanace? AllaN01Bear May 25 #45
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