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8. "the world is going to respect us again."
Fri May 24, 2024, 07:55 AM
May 24


...the top magat wannbe left out a word

"the world is NOT going to respect us again."

...why do people even listen to his shit...?

...he's gotten so old and boring...

TSF once again teaching his followers to simultaneously respect and fear authoritarian leaders 0rganism May 24 #1
Trump wants to be respected and feared. Irish_Dem May 24 #4
He is treating the election like pro wrestling. The Grand Illuminist May 24 #6
Yes. All entertainment in his reality TV show. Irish_Dem May 24 #7
login required to view vidieo nt msongs May 24 #2
Not for me. mahatmakanejeeves May 24 #5
Somehow, I don't believe the priorities of TSF are the priorities of no_hypocrisy May 24 #3
Baaaahahahaaaaaaa! Oh, there are some smallish enclaves in certain areas, but that's it electric_blue68 May 26 #21
"the world is going to respect us again." myohmy2 May 24 #8
I always thought there would be a point ilovegamers43 May 24 #9
Overhead view of Trump rally in the Bronx shows the crowd was much smaller than MAGA world is boasting about. LetMyPeopleVote May 24 #10
Donye is failing to induce hallucinations in his sheeple truthisfreedom May 24 #11
On this Suckers and Losers Memorial weekend. pecosbob May 24 #12
Good point. oasis May 27 #23
I had the misfortune of hearing some of it on MSNBC FarPoint May 24 #13
He still doesn't understand why it would be Russia. Arne May 24 #14
The only type of leaders that Trump praises ARE PatSeg May 24 #15
"at the top of their game" BobTheSubgenius May 24 #16
Mussolini and Hitler met their end while "on top of their game." perhaps you will too. Evolve Dammit May 24 #19
Red hot poker up your ass donald. twodogsbarking May 24 #17
The world will not respect the US under a Trump presidency. Baitball Blogger May 24 #18
EASY to be at the "top of your game" when your opponents are at the end of a barrel. oldsoftie May 25 #20
Hitler's ghost should sue Trump for plagiarism. LudwigPastorius May 26 #22
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