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Love me some Jasmine Crockett! Evolve Dammit May 21 #1
She started it JustAnotherGen May 21 #2
A woman should support other women? ShazzieB May 21 #26
Definitely the melanin JustAnotherGen May 21 #59
Lol..Marjorie Taylor Greene whathehell May 21 #68
"Bleach blonde Bad-Built Butch Body,.. magicarpet May 21 #3
The alliteration is what makes that 6 word phrase so spectacular. ShazzieB May 21 #32
Yes, and in "A Crockett Clapback Collection," Jasmine Crockett does it again! summer_in_TX May 21 #60
I heard her "feet" were actually cloven hooves. calimary May 21 #35
Margarine TrailerTrash Greenjeans is a MAGA piece of garbage. Trueblue1968 May 21 #51
"And then, when you can't borrow another buck from the bank, or buy another case of booze . . . hatrack May 21 #54
I see that reference to three toes about MTG a lot but no idea where it came from. Help, please. efhmc May 21 #74
Here ya go dpibel May 21 #81
I had wondered this also, Codifer May 21 #85
In fairness... appmanga May 21 #83
and the bleach AdamGG May 22 #98
I want one! no_hypocrisy May 21 #4
Heads up kids ! dweller May 21 #5
It rolls off the tongue. MontanaMama May 21 #46
AWESOME !!!! Traurigkeit May 21 #6
Empty Green made a big mistake. bluescribbler May 21 #7
Empty Green....that's a keeper! BComplex May 21 #21
Another favorite from someone on Threads: forgotmylogin May 21 #44
I'm all in for a t-shirt! Vinca May 21 #8
I need that! wryter2000 May 21 #9
Trolls Get Trolled HandmaidsTaleUntold May 21 #10
Gangreene doesn't get to personally insult her fellow congresspersons... CousinIT May 21 #11
Comer is too stupid to even have read The House of Representatives regulations and invest in the history of the chamber. Traurigkeit May 21 #33
It was pointed out. Comer broke the rule. I watched the entire video exchange. littlemissmartypants May 21 #58
Did Crockett really make up that phrase on the spot? If so, she's a genius. TheRickles May 21 #12
Yes, it really does appear to be a spur of the moment thing by Crockett. SunSeeker May 21 #13
Not necessarily, its a gospel like song going back several years getagrip_already May 21 #14
The melody is old, but the Crockett lyrics were added after her statement went viral. SunSeeker May 21 #18
This is like the one i was referring to... getagrip_already May 21 #22
Pls give credit where credit is due. Nothing on that Tik Tok thread has anything to do with... brush May 21 #56
Did you listen to the lyrics which were identical to the phrase she used? n/t Ms. Toad May 21 #73
I listened to a few of them. Nothing. brush May 21 #78
Very close to the beginning of the linked video is the exact same 6-word phrase Crockett used. Ms. Toad May 21 #79
None the less, it was an epic and extremely effective putdown of a racist big mouth. It went viral for God's sake. brush May 21 #80
I was solely responding to your insistence that the song in the TikTok video had nothing to do with the phrase she used Ms. Toad May 21 #86
Which song. The song for cell phone voice mail? brush May 21 #87
The one at this link - Ms. Toad May 21 #90
You were fooled by AI RandiFan1290 May 22 #95
This is AI generated comedy. BlueState May 22 #93
This one is my favorite Diraven May 21 #67
The lyrics are an old Irish hymm my grandmother sang to me in college prodigitalson May 22 #104
LOL SunSeeker May 23 #106
I'd like to see a clip from something done several years ago. The only ones I'm seeing are very recent knock-offs. TheRickles May 21 #20
There was one posted, but i cant find it... getagrip_already May 21 #25
I think that is part of the fun. That post looked like vanlassie May 21 #29
Could be.... getagrip_already May 21 #43
For the sake of historical accuracy dpibel May 21 #82
Fighting fire with fire! nt SunSeeker May 21 #15
The 6B, new nickname.... getagrip_already May 21 #16
Single bees have one fading stinger. oasis May 21 #64
Good for her! 2naSalit May 21 #17
News dispatches from the House now read like a grade-school student's playground gossip sheet PSPS May 21 #19
Way to go! Dems gotta fight! ananda May 21 #23
That's really tacky. Novara May 21 #24
If it raises JustAnotherGen May 21 #27
If the chair refuses to shut down the initiating insults spooky3 May 21 #28
+ 1,000 malaise May 22 #97
It is a good psychological strategy. MAGAs are at war with us. Irish_Dem May 21 #30
You kick a Bully. Toss a trashcan at a Bully. Keep hitting it till it gives. Traurigkeit May 21 #34
Duplicate Wifes husband May 21 #38
AGREE Wifes husband May 21 #39
Yes. Many bullies are cowards. They go to the weak link. Irish_Dem May 21 #48
With Respect to the Fabulous Former First Lady Michelle; Occasionally you Have To Fight Back! electric_blue68 May 22 #92
Yes sometimes going high is the right choice. Irish_Dem May 22 #96
Normally I'd agree BeyondGeography May 21 #50
She also insulted AOC, who had tried to stand up for Crockett. Comer spooky3 May 21 #77
I agree Skittles May 21 #63
The first Dem response was to ask Comer to strike MTG's remarks spooky3 May 21 #76
When you have someone... appmanga May 21 #84
Hood proverb IzzaNuDay May 22 #94
Who cares who "started it"? Novara May 22 #100
Well, what do you suggest how Rep. Jasmine responded? IzzaNuDay May 23 #107
Sigh. Novara May 23 #108
With any luck Marge will think twice about making personal remarks Irish_Dem May 21 #31
That assumes she can think. calimary May 21 #36
She is thin skinned and hates to be humiliated. Irish_Dem May 21 #49
Democratic star Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett rubs salt in the wound LetMyPeopleVote May 21 #37
Ol' Sporkfoot proving the southern adage yet again ArkansasDemocrat1 May 21 #61
Love it. 😍. n/t iluvtennis May 21 #40
MTG shot a lil pea shooter over at Crockett and Crockett hit her with the NUKE! Prairie Gates May 21 #41
If we HAD a free (of the GOP) press, they would have Field Day with this. Traurigkeit May 21 #42
Should be sure to include the Q&A short form on the merch, because it is hilarious... Hekate May 21 #45
We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!! Lunabell May 21 #47
Hopefully, she'll get the idea to do something like TlalocW May 21 #52
Play the dozens with a Texas oasis May 21 #53
Yup. BumRushDaShow May 21 #55
Ohhh, pooooor widdle traitor greene. Can dish it out, but cannot take it. niyad May 21 #57
ha ha. riversedge May 21 #62
just cal MTG azureblue May 21 #65
I like it. republianmushroom May 21 #66
B6 says what? Demobrat May 21 #69
Wow Ladythatvotesblue May 21 #70
What kills me is the right wing has this 'she's dumb' drumbeat about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But PatrickforB May 21 #71
There are worse things you could insult TMG with, Aussie105 May 21 #72
a whut now? DoBW May 21 #75
Very silly of MTG to serve a small put-down comment like that Aussie105 May 21 #88
Now Marge is ugly crying. ::sniff:: NT GenThePerservering May 21 #89
Note to self ... marble falls May 22 #91
Tho' Rep Crockett's bit of poetry is accurate... HardLineDem May 22 #99
"And anyway, who would wear gear with such a slogan? " BumRushDaShow May 22 #102
Yeah, that's what bugs me about moving this spat beyond the house floor exchange.. Chakaconcarne May 22 #105
Ms. greene will cower behind self-righteousness Torchlight May 22 #101
The fact that this smackdown put her on the defensive for the first time while in Congress BumRushDaShow May 22 #103
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