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Tue May 21, 2024, 02:15 PM May 21

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks out as Crockett files trademark for 'bleach blonde bad-built butch body' [View all]

Source: UK Independent

6 hours ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene has spoken out after Jasmine Crockett is said to have filed a trademark application for the phrase “bleach blonde bad-built butch body”.

Half an hour into House Oversight Committee proceedings last Thursday, the Republican lawmaker lined up the Democrat in her crosshairs insulting her “fake eyelashes”. While the House devolved into chaos with Ms Green also taking aim at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s intelligence, the congresswoman’s insults were ruled not to have flouted rules.

Scratching her head at the decision, Ms Crockett asked whether making remarks about somebody’s “bleach blond, bad-built butch body” was also allowed – a clear jibe at Ms Greene.

Ms Crockett is now looking to capitalise from the feud, with her campaign purportedly filing a trademark for the scathing alliterative remark, according to documents viewed by Fox News. The Texas representative plans to create a suite of hats, hoodies, socks, and t-shirts branded with the phrase, as per the documents.

Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/majorie-taylor-greene-crockett-trademark-b2548626.html

This is the type of epic trolling that Fetterman had actually done to Dr. Oz during his Senate campaign (regardless of what Fetterman thought of the goings-on between Crockett, AOC, and MTG nowadays). She has effectively shut the howler monkey down leaving her speechless and responding defensively for the first time.
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Love me some Jasmine Crockett! Evolve Dammit May 21 #1
She started it JustAnotherGen May 21 #2
A woman should support other women? ShazzieB May 21 #26
Definitely the melanin JustAnotherGen May 21 #59
Lol..Marjorie Taylor Greene whathehell May 21 #68
"Bleach blonde Bad-Built Butch Body,.. magicarpet May 21 #3
The alliteration is what makes that 6 word phrase so spectacular. ShazzieB May 21 #32
Yes, and in "A Crockett Clapback Collection," Jasmine Crockett does it again! summer_in_TX May 21 #60
I heard her "feet" were actually cloven hooves. calimary May 21 #35
Margarine TrailerTrash Greenjeans is a MAGA piece of garbage. Trueblue1968 May 21 #51
"And then, when you can't borrow another buck from the bank, or buy another case of booze . . . hatrack May 21 #54
I see that reference to three toes about MTG a lot but no idea where it came from. Help, please. efhmc May 21 #74
Here ya go dpibel May 21 #81
I had wondered this also, Codifer May 21 #85
In fairness... appmanga May 21 #83
and the bleach AdamGG May 22 #98
I want one! no_hypocrisy May 21 #4
Heads up kids ! dweller May 21 #5
It rolls off the tongue. MontanaMama May 21 #46
AWESOME !!!! Traurigkeit May 21 #6
Empty Green made a big mistake. bluescribbler May 21 #7
Empty Green....that's a keeper! BComplex May 21 #21
Another favorite from someone on Threads: forgotmylogin May 21 #44
I'm all in for a t-shirt! Vinca May 21 #8
I need that! wryter2000 May 21 #9
Trolls Get Trolled HandmaidsTaleUntold May 21 #10
Gangreene doesn't get to personally insult her fellow congresspersons... CousinIT May 21 #11
Comer is too stupid to even have read The House of Representatives regulations and invest in the history of the chamber. Traurigkeit May 21 #33
It was pointed out. Comer broke the rule. I watched the entire video exchange. littlemissmartypants May 21 #58
Did Crockett really make up that phrase on the spot? If so, she's a genius. TheRickles May 21 #12
Yes, it really does appear to be a spur of the moment thing by Crockett. SunSeeker May 21 #13
Not necessarily, its a gospel like song going back several years getagrip_already May 21 #14
The melody is old, but the Crockett lyrics were added after her statement went viral. SunSeeker May 21 #18
This is like the one i was referring to... getagrip_already May 21 #22
Pls give credit where credit is due. Nothing on that Tik Tok thread has anything to do with... brush May 21 #56
Did you listen to the lyrics which were identical to the phrase she used? n/t Ms. Toad May 21 #73
I listened to a few of them. Nothing. brush May 21 #78
Very close to the beginning of the linked video is the exact same 6-word phrase Crockett used. Ms. Toad May 21 #79
None the less, it was an epic and extremely effective putdown of a racist big mouth. It went viral for God's sake. brush May 21 #80
I was solely responding to your insistence that the song in the TikTok video had nothing to do with the phrase she used Ms. Toad May 21 #86
Which song. The song for cell phone voice mail? brush May 21 #87
The one at this link - Ms. Toad May 21 #90
You were fooled by AI RandiFan1290 May 22 #95
This is AI generated comedy. BlueState May 22 #93
This one is my favorite Diraven May 21 #67
The lyrics are an old Irish hymm my grandmother sang to me in college prodigitalson May 22 #104
LOL SunSeeker May 23 #106
I'd like to see a clip from something done several years ago. The only ones I'm seeing are very recent knock-offs. TheRickles May 21 #20
There was one posted, but i cant find it... getagrip_already May 21 #25
I think that is part of the fun. That post looked like vanlassie May 21 #29
Could be.... getagrip_already May 21 #43
For the sake of historical accuracy dpibel May 21 #82
Fighting fire with fire! nt SunSeeker May 21 #15
The 6B, new nickname.... getagrip_already May 21 #16
Single bees have one fading stinger. oasis May 21 #64
Good for her! 2naSalit May 21 #17
News dispatches from the House now read like a grade-school student's playground gossip sheet PSPS May 21 #19
Way to go! Dems gotta fight! ananda May 21 #23
That's really tacky. Novara May 21 #24
If it raises JustAnotherGen May 21 #27
If the chair refuses to shut down the initiating insults spooky3 May 21 #28
+ 1,000 malaise May 22 #97
It is a good psychological strategy. MAGAs are at war with us. Irish_Dem May 21 #30
You kick a Bully. Toss a trashcan at a Bully. Keep hitting it till it gives. Traurigkeit May 21 #34
Duplicate Wifes husband May 21 #38
AGREE Wifes husband May 21 #39
Yes. Many bullies are cowards. They go to the weak link. Irish_Dem May 21 #48
With Respect to the Fabulous Former First Lady Michelle; Occasionally you Have To Fight Back! electric_blue68 May 22 #92
Yes sometimes going high is the right choice. Irish_Dem May 22 #96
Normally I'd agree BeyondGeography May 21 #50
She also insulted AOC, who had tried to stand up for Crockett. Comer spooky3 May 21 #77
I agree Skittles May 21 #63
The first Dem response was to ask Comer to strike MTG's remarks spooky3 May 21 #76
When you have someone... appmanga May 21 #84
Hood proverb IzzaNuDay May 22 #94
Who cares who "started it"? Novara May 22 #100
Well, what do you suggest how Rep. Jasmine responded? IzzaNuDay May 23 #107
Sigh. Novara May 23 #108
With any luck Marge will think twice about making personal remarks Irish_Dem May 21 #31
That assumes she can think. calimary May 21 #36
She is thin skinned and hates to be humiliated. Irish_Dem May 21 #49
Democratic star Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett rubs salt in the wound LetMyPeopleVote May 21 #37
Ol' Sporkfoot proving the southern adage yet again ArkansasDemocrat1 May 21 #61
Love it. 😍. n/t iluvtennis May 21 #40
MTG shot a lil pea shooter over at Crockett and Crockett hit her with the NUKE! Prairie Gates May 21 #41
If we HAD a free (of the GOP) press, they would have Field Day with this. Traurigkeit May 21 #42
Should be sure to include the Q&A short form on the merch, because it is hilarious... Hekate May 21 #45
We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!! Lunabell May 21 #47
Hopefully, she'll get the idea to do something like TlalocW May 21 #52
Play the dozens with a Texas oasis May 21 #53
Yup. BumRushDaShow May 21 #55
Ohhh, pooooor widdle traitor greene. Can dish it out, but cannot take it. niyad May 21 #57
ha ha. riversedge May 21 #62
just cal MTG azureblue May 21 #65
I like it. republianmushroom May 21 #66
B6 says what? Demobrat May 21 #69
Wow Ladythatvotesblue May 21 #70
What kills me is the right wing has this 'she's dumb' drumbeat about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But PatrickforB May 21 #71
There are worse things you could insult TMG with, Aussie105 May 21 #72
a whut now? DoBW May 21 #75
Very silly of MTG to serve a small put-down comment like that Aussie105 May 21 #88
Now Marge is ugly crying. ::sniff:: NT GenThePerservering May 21 #89
Note to self ... marble falls May 22 #91
Tho' Rep Crockett's bit of poetry is accurate... HardLineDem May 22 #99
"And anyway, who would wear gear with such a slogan? " BumRushDaShow May 22 #102
Yeah, that's what bugs me about moving this spat beyond the house floor exchange.. Chakaconcarne May 22 #105
Ms. greene will cower behind self-righteousness Torchlight May 22 #101
The fact that this smackdown put her on the defensive for the first time while in Congress BumRushDaShow May 22 #103
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