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3. Had I had any shares I would have sold them too.
Mon May 20, 2024, 12:09 AM
May 20

Since only the right-wing seems to drink bud, it would be prudent to do so. But since he didn't use any inside information, this is a non-story.

If he sold it BEFORE the boycott was apparent, might have a case against him. Silent Type May 19 #1
I fail to see why this is an issue. Unless he used insider information, rsdsharp May 20 #2
The complaint isn't that he exploited insider knowledge to make a profit. It is that he engaged in political activity by Martin68 May 20 #16
Selling stock to mitigate what will be an obvious loss is assisting a boycott? rsdsharp May 20 #17
If he sold the article "just as the boycott was reaching full swing" as the article says, then he probably sold at a Martin68 May 20 #18
How would it have been illegal? What inside information did he have? rsdsharp May 20 #19
If he did it based on insider knowledge that a boycott was planned, that would have been illegal. As it was, he was Martin68 May 21 #20
Selling stock (which most people didn't know he owned) that's likely to lose value is supporting a boycott. rsdsharp May 21 #21
I'm not saying he is smart or trying to make a profit. In fact, both are probably at play in this case. Martin68 May 21 #22
Bragging rights? rsdsharp May 21 #23
I must be mistaken. I guess we should assume since there is no evidence one the public record this is not Martin68 May 22 #24
Had I had any shares I would have sold them too. Angleae May 20 #3
Per the article, he sold it "just as a vicious right-wing boycott campaign of the company was reaching full swing." Gore1FL May 20 #4
The theory isn't that he profited from insider information FBaggins May 20 #9
Just another click-bait nonsense article from daily beast PSPS May 20 #5
👍 4139 May 20 #6
👍️ Exactly! It's "click-bait nonsense" ... that's all. Oopsie Daisy May 20 #14
Hmm so what? I mean honestly people sell stocks all the time if they think they might take a financial hit. cstanleytech May 20 #7
Solidarity with the MAGA-outrage crowd? FakeNoose May 20 #8
It is appalling that him and Thomas have no integrity or honesty yet sit on the highest court in the land kimbutgar May 20 #10
He seems really triggered Torchlight May 20 #11
Surely does. jimfields33 May 20 #13
This Puke Is Unhinged HandmaidsTaleUntold May 20 #12
Greedhead Kid Berwyn May 20 #15
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