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32. Yeah well Butt..you've made over $18M in the NFL since 2017
Wed May 15, 2024, 03:18 PM
May 15

That makes it a HELL of a lot easier for his Stepford wife to stay and home and clean IF that's what she wants. Maybe someone should inform that POS that it takes many Chiefs fans with expensive season tickets TWO people with income and then some.

Wow!! WTF....as a huge fan of the Chiefs I never knew this guy was a total MAGA FUCK HEAD!! Yeah...Biden should have done better with Covid a YEAR before he was President.


There is nothing worse than a mouthy kicker. SalamanderSleeps May 15 #1
I'm not so sure, the kicker on my college team only had one arm... Rhiannon12866 May 15 #9
He's getting a lot of exposure. One guy has turned into a media news discussion jimfields33 May 15 #18
Is he getting ready to run for office? Sounds like it. Bev54 May 15 #27
"Let's get the kicker's opinion" Dulcinea May 15 #34
What a jackass! chillfactor May 15 #2
how many people has the catholic church raped, tortured, and murdered in 2000 yrs nt msongs May 15 #3
Nobody could've foreseen a guy employed by the KC Chiefs under Andy Reid RockRaven May 15 #4
What an asshole. No comment from Benedictine College on picking such a offensive misogynist muriel_volestrangler May 15 #5
Totally Rebl2 May 15 #26
Butker is a real slimy MAGA motherfucker. He is another fucking pissed-on lowlife turd. Piss on that fucking turd. SoFlaBro May 15 #6
Lovely Lemon Lyman May 15 #7
LOL Skittles May 15 #8
a bigot against everyone who doesn't look and think like him. BlueWaveNeverEnd May 15 #10
My gay marriage is literally older than this twerp. Otterdaemmerung May 15 #11
Typical J_William_Ryan May 15 #12
Another self-deluded MAGA bmichaelh May 15 #13
"Covid..is not unique" Docreed2003 May 15 #14
taytays gonna write a song about him samnsara May 15 #15
He seems, well, religious. twodogsbarking May 15 #16
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette just ran a long Deminpenn May 15 #17
NO Chi67 May 17 #41
Um, no.. whathehell May 17 #45
I never mentioned all religious people but you, well, did. twodogsbarking May 18 #49
You didn't have to.. whathehell May 18 #50
Stop platforming hate! jimmiles May 15 #19
Well look at that. Another Talibangelical misogynist prick. n/t CousinIT May 15 #20
Just gotta say i like your word there!! bluestarone May 15 #22
I'd guess that more than a few of the students thought Butker was a TeamProg May 15 #21
I just want to know TxGuitar May 15 #23
What kind of shit-hole college invites a place kicker Mysterian May 15 #24
I used to be a fan of his. No more. Mad_Dem_X May 15 #25
Sounds like he must've practiced kicking by detaching his head and using it as a football. highplainsdem May 15 #28
Wow! Chi67 May 15 #29
How was he trying to "dictate" anything in a commencement address? Seeking Serenity May 17 #43
Maybe Chi67 May 18 #47
Gawd, what a sh$t awful speech wolfie001 May 15 #30
Yet Another Tawdry, Publicity-desperate Bloke Who Has (Apparently) More Leg Than Brain The Roux Comes First May 15 #31
Yeah well Butt..you've made over $18M in the NFL since 2017 Bengus81 May 15 #32
Why should anyone pay any attention to this idiot? LetMyPeopleVote May 15 #33
Who gives a shit what he thinks? BigDemVoter May 15 #35
I don't get that either Skittles May 15 #36
I know right? I hope to God they didn't give him an "honorary" degree FakeNoose May 17 #42
My Dx: Severe Concussion; Brain Broken tonekat May 15 #37
he's not going anywhere as long as he can kick field goals pstokely May 16 #38
So disappointed in him EndlessWire May 17 #39
President Biden Rebl2 May 17 #40
Why are people so butthurt about a devout Catholic delivering a commencement address Seeking Serenity May 17 #44
we fought long and hard and are still fighting for our rights . never again. AllaN01Bear May 18 #46
Oh, good boy! Aussie105 May 18 #48
I read the shit head's speech LiberalFighter May 18 #51
Probably be running for office after football. You can't even try to excuse pride, Biden, abortion. Silent Type May 18 #52
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