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Kamala Harris drops an f-bomb [View all] BumRushDaShow May 13 OP
Good for her. Warpy May 13 #1
i dont care , if the shoe fits . 1 of my fave lines in a move , oh you mean a colourful metaphor.? AllaN01Bear May 13 #5
That would be a *logical* assumption, Admiral. eom lastlib May 13 #17
lol. AllaN01Bear May 13 #19
F-bombs are used too often here as a substitute for good writing, so they are used with intention elocs May 13 #28
I rarely use expletives - almost never Mossfern May 13 #30
I've noticed that as well, that those who commonly swear will curb their tongues in my presence. elocs May 13 #36
It would appear soldierant May 13 #35
She wasn't writing. Warpy May 13 #37
Donnie swears all the time. No big deal when he does it unblock May 13 #2
Democrats have to jump right in the space that Trump gave them LiberalLovinLug May 13 #4
So it's claudette May 14 #53
Just saying if they're going to make the swear word the subject of the whole article, unblock May 14 #60
Kamala Harris has been hanging around Joe ''This is a big fucking deal'' Biden Brother Buzz May 13 #3
i love her to peices . AllaN01Bear May 13 #6
When I thought I couldn't love her more. sheshe2 May 13 #7
This is disappointing. Oopsie Daisy May 13 #8
No, it ain't. Hermit-The-Prog May 13 #12
Yes, it is. I am disappointed. Are you trying to speak for me? Or am I being accused of being dishonest? Oopsie Daisy May 13 #14
You stated your opinion, I stated mine, life is good. Hermit-The-Prog May 13 #15
Sure. Oopsie Daisy May 13 #18
I'm sorry you're disappointed. ShazzieB May 13 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author Oopsie Daisy May 13 #13
This is invigorating. Torchlight May 13 #25
Okay. It saddens me that all the little girls who see her as a role model will hear this vulgar language. Oopsie Daisy May 13 #31
Okay. It fortifies me that all the little girls who see her as a role model will see this fortitude and strength. Torchlight May 13 #34
I guess I just have higher standards. Oopsie Daisy May 13 #38
Or just different standards. Torchlight May 13 #39
No. My standards are higher. Oopsie Daisy May 13 #40
So more accurately, your standards are actually not higher, merely your opinions of your own standard are higher. Torchlight May 13 #42
Oh brother. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #51
Tell it. jimfields33 May 14 #73
I hear you, Daisy, Not Heidi May 14 #61
Yes, these words are not unknown to them. But it makes the job of responsible parents * Oopsie Daisy May 14 #74
I agree claudette May 14 #54
Thanks. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #56
As for her message, Thank you Madame Vice-President! rurallib May 13 #9
She says it right out loud, and means it. byronius May 13 #10
The struggle is real, kick it down IronLionZion May 13 #11
Decorum and civility angrychair May 13 #16
And as the kids say these days... SKKY May 13 #21
@BumRushDaShow - love that you quoted Joe Madison - I miss him so much. n/t iluvtennis May 13 #22
I miss him too BumRushDaShow May 13 #47
Aww, I'm jealous as you got to listen to him at the iluvtennis May 13 #48
He would often tell the story about his time on WWRC BumRushDaShow May 14 #50
Thanks for the youtube link - istened to first part...gonna listen to the whole thing. 😘 to ur mother "Turn on Madison" iluvtennis May 14 #68
Oh man JustAnotherGen May 14 #69
That's fine. temporary311 May 13 #23
I approve. dalton99a May 13 #24
The "lily livered" crowd of religious fundamentalists that abhor foul language as from the Devil are a dying breed Traurigkeit May 13 #26
in this... myohmy2 May 13 #27
I love our Vice President. Think. Again. May 13 #29
I applaud this. She's speaking hard truths and sometimes that means using what some view as unpleasant language Docreed2003 May 13 #32
Joe Madison was right JustAnotherGen May 13 #33
Good for her Novara May 13 #41
I could not be more proud of her dai13sy May 13 #43
Apparently the only way media will report on anything Kamala "The Invisible Woman" Harris does. betsuni May 13 #44
We'll all be dropping f-bombs if #DementiaDonnie gets back into the White House. area51 May 13 #45
Pretty tame as far as F-bombs go Shermann May 13 #46
When Kamala uses a naughty word . . . Aussie105 May 14 #49
I thought claudette May 14 #55
Golly gee JustAnotherGen May 14 #57
Why do claudette May 14 #52
I did not like that... Mike Nelson May 14 #58
This wasn't a "formal speech", the event was dubbed a "conversation" where she answered questions and gave remarks BumRushDaShow May 14 #59
Thank you... Mike Nelson May 14 #64
You're welcome. I usually try to add videos of her since she is reported on so rarely BumRushDaShow May 14 #67
Joe Biden is a known potty mouth JustAnotherGen May 14 #62
I have seen and heard that... Mike Nelson May 14 #65
well, at least it's being reported. mopinko May 14 #63
That's a good point... Mike Nelson May 14 #66
lies of omission. the worst kind in times like these. mopinko May 14 #71
Ditto African American young women JustAnotherGen May 14 #70
She had just watched Ruth on Ozark. twodogsbarking May 14 #72
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