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27. No it's not a good thing Of course.
Fri May 3, 2024, 06:04 PM
May 3

The last thing we need in Congress is a Democratic sleazeball. We already have Menendez in that category and now we have this guy.

I think this is going to go firmly in the R column ColinC May 3 #1
"Henry Cuellar Lone Democrat to Vote Against Abortion Rights" speak easy May 3 #2
So basically Timewas May 3 #3
He voted with the Democratic caucus over 96% of the time in the last Congress Jose Garcia May 3 #19
No, but he might have been setup by unethical politicos FakeNoose May 3 #29
Oh crap. Sad to see this. riversedge May 3 #4
why? Voltaire2 May 3 #8
Seat will flip to Republican. Is that a good thing? LeftInTX May 3 #10
Or not. Voltaire2 May 3 #11
I'm familiar with the district. Cuellar is gonna be on the ballot in November. LeftInTX May 3 #12
WTF NanaCat May 3 #15
That's not a guaranteed outcome. NanaCat May 3 #13
I'm familiar with his district. It's mostly suburban and rural. I live in NW San Antonio. LeftInTX May 3 #14
Laredo is not rural. NanaCat May 3 #16
Yes, I am familiar with the East Side. But this district includes a significant chunk of Guadalupe County. LeftInTX May 3 #17
No it's not a good thing Of course. totodeinhere May 3 #27
Equivalent of Manchin no doubt... if not worse. live love laugh May 3 #5
Not Manchin. speak easy May 3 #9
OMG! I wonder what the charges are? This gonna be interesting. LeftInTX May 3 #6
Good. He is shit. He's nominally our shit, but shit all the same. Voltaire2 May 3 #7
So, does he represent Menendez, Texas in the House or not? Wonder Why May 3 #18
American politicians should only support America SunImp May 3 #20
I guess the big question is: Is he actually corrupt? Bettie May 3 #21
Which 2 "foreign entities" could he have been worth $600,000 to? muriel_volestrangler May 3 #22
Azerbaijan and a bank in Mexico LeftInTX May 3 #24
Caviar diplomacy? NJCher May 3 #31
It's about oil, money and power. Azerbaijan is thuggy. Yes, cavier from the Caspian Sea. LeftInTX May 3 #33
Cuellar was hand picked by Jim Leininger when he was first running. hamsterjill May 4 #34
Here's the indictment: LeftInTX May 4 #35
Any bets on which foreign entities? LauraInLA May 3 #23
Azerbaijan and a bank in Mexico. LeftInTX May 3 #25
The dems may have the odd crook compared to the many criminals within the republican party Bev54 May 3 #26
that's been a topic for discussion NJCher May 3 #32
At least we know how many congresscritters MOMFUDSKI May 3 #28
House Democrat indicted by DOJ, undermining GOP talking points LetMyPeopleVote May 3 #30
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