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16. Definitely
Thu May 2, 2024, 09:33 PM
May 2

The two countries that give Palestinians the most in the way of rights who have become citizens of those countries are the United States and Israel.

Personally, I don't believe oligarchs such as Kraft even know what a moral compass is. Uncle Joe May 2 #1
F this asshat -- they has hiim on tape paying sex workers and dropped the charges JT45242 May 2 #2
I tell you something smells of Russia and rich right wing influence peddling here. Botany May 2 #3
I seriously do not give a shit what any billionaire has to say about anything. Voltaire2 May 2 #4
Trashed. littlemissmartypants May 2 #5
Kraft is upset because the universities "moral compass" doesn't point in the direction he wants it to point. patphil May 2 #6
Why is it that rich people think their $$$ MOMFUDSKI May 2 #7
Everybody Hates, Bobby. jvill May 2 #8
Kids watching their parents interactions for many years before College/University learn of the hate that is in action Traurigkeit May 2 #9
Total BS HandmaidsTaleUntold May 2 #10
I think Kraft is saying that DJ Synikus Makisimus May 2 #11
Actually it is just the elite colleges. SunSeeker May 2 #14
Huh? HandmaidsTaleUntold May 3 #18
You may not think that U. of Orgeon, Lewis & Clark College or Portland State are elite, but they are. SunSeeker May 3 #19
I Do Not HandmaidsTaleUntold May 3 #25
The junior colleges and trade schools the working class attend don't have encampments. SunSeeker May 3 #31
Shut up, Kraft. Don't you have a "massage" appointment somewhere? paleotn May 2 #12
a billionaire using the word ELITE Skittles May 2 #13
It sucks that the encampments have gotten so out of hand that assholes like Kraft sound like the voice of reason. nt SunSeeker May 2 #15
Definitely tirebiter May 2 #16
Actually the most rights would likely be Chile rpannier May 2 #17
What's wrong is he didn't Old Crank May 3 #20
They still charged the human trafficking victim he was caught with. nt RandiFan1290 May 3 #22
Two levels of justice. Old Crank May 3 #23
Kraft the Mar a Lago member RandiFan1290 May 3 #21
Yeah, because they don't teach hate out in Jefferson Davis Memorial Junior High School Aristus May 3 #24
I graduated from an elite college, and no_hypocrisy May 3 #26
Really? I blame the NFL. A lot more people arrested and injured in fights in NFL stadiums than in college ... marble falls May 3 #27
Who does Kraft blame for violent protest at the US Capitol on January 6th? Freethinker65 May 3 #28
Yeah, guy gets caught with a hooker.. Maxheader May 3 #29
Rub and Tug Kraft said that? dem4decades May 3 #30
Go get a "Happy Ending" massage Bob maxrandb May 4 #32
The man who was busted mercuryblues May 5 #33
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