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31. ATACMS are not the best for that
Thu May 2, 2024, 12:45 PM
May 2

The better choice would be the German TAURUS system, which is being denied. The TAURUS is designed for this type of hard target. I gather the denial is exactly for this reason.

Great news! or It's about f*****g time! nt CaliforniaPeggy May 1 #1
No sh*t! 2naSalit May 1 #3
Both of those at the same time! calimary May 1 #7
+1.. I wonder how many pilots will be in the International Legion (non Ukrainian volunteers) will fly F-16? mitch96 May 1 #15
About time! 2naSalit May 1 #2
Where are the F-16's we gave them??! NM Grins May 1 #4
I don't think we have shipped any there BumRushDaShow May 1 #5
We didn't give them any of ours. The deal is for NATO hand me downs. paleotn May 1 #18
Or Denmark's peppertree May 1 #22
GOOD!!! Now blue-wave May 1 #6
Hallefuckenlujah!!!!!!! Leghorn21 May 1 #8
Yup, happy dance time mitch96 May 1 #16
So happy for Ukraine. bluestarone May 1 #9
Awesome news!! n/t iluvtennis May 1 #10
Blow the Kerch bridge orangecrush May 1 #11
ATACMS are not the best for that Lithos May 2 #31
This is wonderful news, TY BRDS. sheshe2 May 1 #12
I had posted a link downthread to another thread with some video updates BumRushDaShow May 2 #26
All this is great news for Ukraine. sheshe2 May 2 #28
Finally! Now they can shoot down those heavy bombers Warpy May 1 #13
Yup, get them deadly glide bombs out of range...nt mitch96 May 1 #17
this another good system Ukraine will operate that is supported by Nato samsingh May 1 #14
Putin will be issuing threats in response. Not much else he can actually do. captain queeg May 1 #19
Cautiously optimistic but also nervous. oldsoftie May 1 #20
I've posted some updates in various OPs but the last set has a couple videos BumRushDaShow May 1 #21
SLAVA UKRAINI!!! About f'n damned time!!! niyad May 1 #23
It's a good day....SLAVA UKRAINE! PortTack May 1 #24
If they have air superiority, they will win the day. Gore1FL May 1 #25
In fairness to Russia, why haven't we given them any of our surplus Boeings? 3Hotdogs May 2 #27
windows are to small nt et tu May 2 #29
Strange tactic sarisataka May 2 #30
Sgt Doakes says Kennah May 2 #32
Kremlin in flames? I still wonder if Ukraine had not given up it's nukes if any of this would have happened?? Evolve Dammit May 2 #33
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