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20. If he gets wet the running makeup will
Sat Apr 20, 2024, 09:08 PM
Apr 20

make his face look like a paintball target. Not to mention his hair. No way would he risk that.

His week just keeps getting worse. Scrivener7 Apr 20 #1
Works for me! calimary Apr 20 #23
All 500 Attendees were Disappointed NonPC Apr 20 #27
Too stupid to realize DENVERPOPS Apr 20 #36
He must have forgot BlueKota Apr 20 #41
Perfect DENVERPOPS Apr 20 #44
President Obama was about 30 years younger than trump. I wouldn't want mucifer Apr 20 #2
Wasn't much of a storm. relayerbob Apr 20 #3
Looked pretty dark, though. Even the heavens are warning him. ancianita Apr 20 #5
It looks like a super cell was forming BumRushDaShow Apr 20 #6
Yep, that J hook is a clear indicator of circulation Aviation Pro Apr 20 #10
My sharpie dried up and I couldn't redirect the path of the japple Apr 20 #22
LOL BumRushDaShow Apr 20 #25
Didn't even come close. He's just afraid to get his hair wet. littlemissmartypants Apr 20 #34
Trust me, he had other plans. littlemissmartypants Apr 21 #50
He can't get wet. Melting ya know. twodogsbarking Apr 20 #4
It'd ruin his hair, his makeup would run, and his diaper would get wet. nt woodsprite Apr 20 #29
Wow. Looks a little Stormy (heh-heh) out there. TheCowsCameHome Apr 20 #7
Indeed... Indeed!!! Blue Owl Apr 20 #13
What a divine plan..... Cantaloupe Caligula gets struck by lightning and hello greasy hamberder spot.. Comfortably_Numb Apr 20 #8
Has Moscow Marge proclaimed it to be a sign, yet? Hermit-The-Prog Apr 20 #9
This was a sensible thing to do. NT mahatmakanejeeves Apr 20 #11
I know personally that it was a non event concern. littlemissmartypants Apr 20 #35
The sensible thing to do NJCher Apr 21 #53
He canceled because he can't fill a venue.. agingdem Apr 20 #12
There are no venues. littlemissmartypants Apr 20 #31
So this is how he's circumventing being required to pay Novara Apr 21 #59
Yep. And here's an interesting article about those legal fees... littlemissmartypants Apr 21 #67
Apparently there were high winds, too - very wise of the pilot to avoid the situation. Talitha Apr 20 #14
His jet sat there through the whole thing. Don't believe the hype. littlemissmartypants Apr 20 #32
You mean he was already there but didn't get out of the plane? Talitha Apr 20 #47
Check your email. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Apr 21 #49
Stormy Old Okie Apr 20 #15
"The rented squirrel for my head refused to show up." erronis Apr 20 #16
The storm before the Stormy LOL! nt Javaman Apr 20 #17
Can't fault Diaper Don for this.. birdographer Apr 20 #18
Divine intervention orangecrush Apr 20 #19
If he gets wet the running makeup will Demobrat Apr 20 #20
Stormy. Think. Again. Apr 20 #21
Even Mother Nature hates him tornado34jh Apr 20 #24
Maybe a tornado to limit the damage? niyad Apr 20 #39
Maybe, although supercell thunderstorms are not that common in Central or Southern Florida tornado34jh Apr 21 #51
If this was rally for Biden, all these asshole would be saying bluestarone Apr 20 #26
Trump is afraid that God will strike him with a lightning bolt Turbineguy Apr 20 #28
Too Stormy? CaptainTruth Apr 20 #30
Well done! Eliot Rosewater Apr 20 #33
North Carolina had a storm of indifference FakeNoose Apr 20 #37
Plenty of people were there. littlemissmartypants Apr 21 #68
D'ya suppose it rained as hard as the day he refused to honor American veterans in the French cemetery? keithbvadu2 Apr 20 #38
Fate whispers to Trump, "You cannot withstand the storm." Mortos Apr 20 #40
Slobby didn't give a shit about the crowd, he was TERRIFIED of pictures being taken NoMoreRepugs Apr 20 #42
"God is committing ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!" LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 20 #43
I actually agree with him about the lightning... ShazzieB Apr 20 #45
It's both Novara Apr 21 #60
Thanks for confirming what I suspected! ShazzieB Apr 21 #63
ALL of it is because of his insecurity Novara Apr 21 #64
Absolutely true! ShazzieB Apr 21 #66
Sorry. Somehow this posted twice. Novara Apr 21 #65
Trump needs his followers bmichaelh Apr 20 #46
This sheshe2 Apr 20 #48
A very human human being. twodogsbarking Apr 21 #57
He should have told the "crowd to leave immediately" on Jan 6th. Silent Type Apr 21 #52
Must be an act of god. Old Crank Apr 21 #54
Shouldn't the religious nutjobs be saying that their imaginary "God" is punishing trump? mwb970 Apr 21 #55
somehow they will blame biden, nancy or hillary for this.. samnsara Apr 21 #56
"I'm devastated that this could happen " Novara Apr 21 #58
Old saying along the coasts of North Carolina... OldBaldy1701E Apr 21 #61
It wasn't close to ILM. There were no severe weather alerts. littlemissmartypants Apr 21 #69
WHO... myohmy2 Apr 21 #62
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