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"Trump says" Laf.La.Dem. Apr 16 #1
"President Trump says it; I believe it. And that settles it!" LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 16 #3
There is no president trump. That ship has sailed many years ago Traurigkeit Apr 16 #18
I know it. You know it. MAGAts refuse to acknowledge reality. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 17 #22
Then why are The U.S. based news/press not doing so? It should be -Mister ..... Traurigkeit Apr 17 #25
Any lawyers here want to tell us if it's more likely true or is Trump probably lying again? cstanleytech Apr 16 #2
Are his lips moving? LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 17 #23
When TSF's lips are moving , it is lying. Traurigkeit Apr 17 #26
Sounding this out... NJCher Apr 16 #4
I feel like this is what all the paperwork was for. bullimiami Apr 16 #5
Standard Trump BS. The analysis of KSIC is that it's a hollow shell propped up by another shell, hidden behind Cayman Ford_Prefect Apr 16 #6
No more time extensions! Put up or lose! Yes, from my readings, it appears that KSIC doesn't meet even the lowest... machoneman Apr 16 #8
Sounds typical of anything Trump PatSeg Apr 16 #10
One Huge Problem... GB_RN Apr 16 #16
"Obligated to maintain" the money in his account. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #7
Exactly and then moniss Apr 16 #11
Yep that is the Trump plan. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #13
Besides his maga zombies, who'd be stupid enough to take him at his word? Blue Owl Apr 16 #9
I'd like to know what "financially secure" means to a liar like him FakeNoose Apr 16 #12
Doesn't pass "my smell test" because if Trump had more than a $175 million in an account then why didn't he use that ... Botany Apr 16 #14
I think your question answers itself. onenote Apr 16 #15
TSF thinks his word is worth anything, his word is worthless Traurigkeit Apr 16 #17
With trumps track record for lying, take this with a grain of salt. republianmushroom Apr 16 #19
🤔💡How about a whole salt shaker.👍 electric_blue68 Apr 18 #38
Meidas Touch said EndlessWire Apr 16 #20
If he has the money, why would he pay a security company to provide the money? Novara Apr 16 #21
You can't get a surety without collateral. Lots of people get sureties. Are they stupid or fraudsters? onenote Apr 17 #28
You can if the Surety company is corrupt. Think. Again. Apr 17 #30
I thought the point of the post I was responding to was that Trump had the cash and didn't need a bond. onenote Apr 17 #31
My apologies... Think. Again. Apr 17 #33
trumps lawyers have a habit of lying like trump. republianmushroom Apr 17 #24
"Trust me, I'm good for it" doesn't have convincing power coming from someone convicted of MASSIVE FINANCIAL FRAUD Novara Apr 17 #27
Show the Schwab and Knight Ins Co. papers... Think. Again. Apr 17 #29
They are available here: onenote Apr 17 #32
Is it true that is the same $175m account that is guaranteeing... Think. Again. Apr 17 #34
The explanation that has been offered: onenote Apr 17 #35
Well, since this is a bond for a major fraud case... Think. Again. Apr 17 #36
Seems more like negligence than a mistake.... NowsTheTime Apr 17 #37
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