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22. I know it. You know it. MAGAts refuse to acknowledge reality.
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 10:44 AM
Apr 17

My OP post should have started with

The quote is based on one I saw on a bumper sticker, except it began, "The Bible says it..."

I'm loving how the judges are referring to TFG as "Mr. Trump," no matter how many times his lawyers say otherwise.

"Trump says" Laf.La.Dem. Apr 16 #1
"President Trump says it; I believe it. And that settles it!" LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 16 #3
There is no president trump. That ship has sailed many years ago Traurigkeit Apr 16 #18
I know it. You know it. MAGAts refuse to acknowledge reality. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 17 #22
Then why are The U.S. based news/press not doing so? It should be -Mister ..... Traurigkeit Apr 17 #25
Any lawyers here want to tell us if it's more likely true or is Trump probably lying again? cstanleytech Apr 16 #2
Are his lips moving? LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 17 #23
When TSF's lips are moving , it is lying. Traurigkeit Apr 17 #26
Sounding this out... NJCher Apr 16 #4
I feel like this is what all the paperwork was for. bullimiami Apr 16 #5
Standard Trump BS. The analysis of KSIC is that it's a hollow shell propped up by another shell, hidden behind Cayman Ford_Prefect Apr 16 #6
No more time extensions! Put up or lose! Yes, from my readings, it appears that KSIC doesn't meet even the lowest... machoneman Apr 16 #8
Sounds typical of anything Trump PatSeg Apr 16 #10
One Huge Problem... GB_RN Apr 16 #16
"Obligated to maintain" the money in his account. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #7
Exactly and then moniss Apr 16 #11
Yep that is the Trump plan. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #13
Besides his maga zombies, who'd be stupid enough to take him at his word? Blue Owl Apr 16 #9
I'd like to know what "financially secure" means to a liar like him FakeNoose Apr 16 #12
Doesn't pass "my smell test" because if Trump had more than a $175 million in an account then why didn't he use that ... Botany Apr 16 #14
I think your question answers itself. onenote Apr 16 #15
TSF thinks his word is worth anything, his word is worthless Traurigkeit Apr 16 #17
With trumps track record for lying, take this with a grain of salt. republianmushroom Apr 16 #19
🤔💡How about a whole salt shaker.👍 electric_blue68 Apr 18 #38
Meidas Touch said EndlessWire Apr 16 #20
If he has the money, why would he pay a security company to provide the money? Novara Apr 16 #21
You can't get a surety without collateral. Lots of people get sureties. Are they stupid or fraudsters? onenote Apr 17 #28
You can if the Surety company is corrupt. Think. Again. Apr 17 #30
I thought the point of the post I was responding to was that Trump had the cash and didn't need a bond. onenote Apr 17 #31
My apologies... Think. Again. Apr 17 #33
trumps lawyers have a habit of lying like trump. republianmushroom Apr 17 #24
"Trust me, I'm good for it" doesn't have convincing power coming from someone convicted of MASSIVE FINANCIAL FRAUD Novara Apr 17 #27
Show the Schwab and Knight Ins Co. papers... Think. Again. Apr 17 #29
They are available here: onenote Apr 17 #32
Is it true that is the same $175m account that is guaranteeing... Think. Again. Apr 17 #34
The explanation that has been offered: onenote Apr 17 #35
Well, since this is a bond for a major fraud case... Think. Again. Apr 17 #36
Seems more like negligence than a mistake.... NowsTheTime Apr 17 #37
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