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Well that just leaves the Greene party because he sure isn't getting the Dem. nomination. brush Apr 14 #1
He can still get on the ballot as an independent. TwilightZone Apr 14 #6
As an independent he'll take votes from Biden and trump... brush Apr 14 #7
I agree. Elessar Zappa Apr 14 #8
If that were true the DNC would not be fighting so hard to keep him from the ballot. former9thward Apr 14 #13
I don't think that's a determinate statement at present. TwilightZone Apr 14 #10
Anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists like him are mostly right-leaning. brush Apr 14 #12
That's true. ificandream Apr 14 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author brush Apr 14 #2
Thanks for nothing... Mike Nelson Apr 14 #3
or they said no... (n/t) thesquanderer Apr 14 #4
I wonder if No Labels told him no. n/t Mr.Bill Apr 14 #20
Doesn't he want to regulate the hell out of lots of stuff? That's hardly Libertarian. RandomNumbers Apr 14 #5
I don't think the libertarians want him FakeNoose Apr 14 #9
Bob, are you sure they didn't rule YOU out? They may want a saner nut, not a far out nut. Ever think of that? Wonder Why Apr 14 #11
He's got a new nickname: KINO - Kennedy In Name Only - KINO LeftInTX Apr 14 #14
Thanks. I'll try and remember that! Wonder Why Apr 14 #16
Darn LeftInTX Apr 14 #15
Can't wait till he rules out running at all Marthe48 Apr 14 #18
He's probably s t r e t c h i n g the truth about signatures & counties. KS Toronado Apr 14 #19
I'm hoping to be approached by a signature gatherer not fooled Apr 14 #23
The polls I see indicate he helps Trump, but only a point or so Enquiring_Mind Apr 14 #21
Has he ruled out United Russia party? LiberalFighter Apr 14 #22
In other news, Robert Kennedy Jr claims he "is not" a lunatic. AZ8theist Apr 14 #24
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