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24. Right on
Wed Nov 28, 2012, 08:50 PM
Nov 2012

Couldn't agree more. If you can't pay your employees fairly you shouldn't be in business.

And this is true for all businesses that depend on minimum wage Tumbulu Nov 2012 #1
Yes, talk about the "moocher" society...... Swede Atlanta Nov 2012 #2
I have been screaming about this for years nineteen50 Nov 2012 #5
If your business model is dependent on keeping your workers on public assistance blueclown Nov 2012 #3
+1,000 to what you said. Needs to be said until everyone realizes that! freshwest Nov 2012 #4
Right on Politicub Nov 2012 #24
Plus add all the tax subsidies and loopholes the Walton family and the Walmart company get. Dont call me Shirley Nov 2012 #6
6 Walmart Heirs Hold More Wealth Than 42% of Americans Combined !! YOHABLO Nov 2012 #9
Grayson should call it what it is: "WAL-FARE". alp227 Nov 2012 #16
Article earlier about Mormons in Utah use this to have one parent stay home 2Design Nov 2012 #7
Link? alp227 Nov 2012 #18
no I don't have a link 2Design Nov 2012 #23
Go, man, go. Keep telling it, Grayson!! XtopherXtopher Nov 2012 #8
Total Kick and Rec SoapBox Nov 2012 #10
how can Walmart make a State raise the minimum wage? Sunlei Nov 2012 #11
Alan Grayson We Welcome You back! sheshe2 Nov 2012 #12
Damn I've missed... DirtyDawg Nov 2012 #13
It's about damned time we had a Minimum Wage that's a Living Wage!!! TahitiNut Nov 2012 #14
Welcome back, Mr. Grayson. And this doesn't begin to cover what WM has done to small businesses libdem4life Nov 2012 #15
K&R. Yes please! It is not at all fair that we taxpayers are propping up the Owners' greed. Overseas Nov 2012 #17
Grayson, Warren, Sanders, just a few who make the party proud, the voices of We The People. mother earth Nov 2012 #19
What about Senator Franken? I haven't heard anything about him for quite some time. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #20
Def. add Franken to the list. nt mother earth Nov 2012 #22
Wal Mart itself is the largest? Or is the amount of public aid it receives the largest? marshall Nov 2012 #21
I say we cut the aid to Walmart off! Let them stand on their own two feet. Pterodactyl Nov 2012 #25
Walmart's low wages force workers to take food stamps, etc. CountAllVotes Nov 2012 #26
K&R n/t bobthedrummer Dec 2012 #27
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