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viva la

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2. 'children who need abuse'?
Tue Feb 20, 2024, 06:08 PM
Feb 2024

"I was led to believe that this world was an evil place, filled with cops who control, hospitals that injure, government agencies that brainwash, church leaders who lie and lust, husbands who refuse to protect and children who need abuse."

She's such a scoundrel, really. I remember the video of her grinning and laughing as she talked about how she punished her children repeatedly for minor mistakes. She took pleasure in hurting them. She was completely rational when she did it-- she chose to hurt them. No one led her to it.

But thousands of parents eagerly watched her Youtube channel and supported her methods. Scary.

4 to 60?!? That's a big goddamn range. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #1
Seriously, how is that even a thing? JenniferJuniper Feb 2024 #4
In states that use ranges like that, rather than a single number, there is a specific reason IbogaProject Feb 2024 #6
Thanks .Seems like a lot of work for the system. JenniferJuniper Feb 2024 #7
Utah is a clown show Prairie Gates Feb 2024 #8
What a total shit show. Don't they still have firing squad as an execution method or some other weird fucking method? SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #9
'children who need abuse'? viva la Feb 2024 #2
"Children who need abuse". Aristus Feb 2024 #3
4 years is not enough for either of those evil witches. They tortured those kids in extreme ways for months. Scrivener7 Feb 2024 #5
They also got four 15 year sentences though so unless the parole board decides to be more cstanleytech Feb 2024 #11
They got four "one to fifteen year" sentences to be served consecutively. Scrivener7 Feb 2024 #12
Ohhh. Ya, they should have gotten something like four 5 to 15 sentences at the very least. cstanleytech Feb 2024 #15
The descriptions of what they did to those kids are heartbreaking. Scrivener7 Feb 2024 #16
sounds like she was a big believer in conspiracy theories RussBLib Feb 2024 #10
More lunatic prepper Mormons. Jodi Hildebrandt served on panels with Thomas Harrison, Scrivener7 Feb 2024 #14
The sick part? Followers. Novara Feb 2024 #13
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