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And this is true for all businesses that depend on minimum wage Tumbulu Nov 2012 #1
Yes, talk about the "moocher" society...... Swede Atlanta Nov 2012 #2
I have been screaming about this for years nineteen50 Nov 2012 #5
If your business model is dependent on keeping your workers on public assistance blueclown Nov 2012 #3
+1,000 to what you said. Needs to be said until everyone realizes that! freshwest Nov 2012 #4
Right on Politicub Nov 2012 #24
Plus add all the tax subsidies and loopholes the Walton family and the Walmart company get. Dont call me Shirley Nov 2012 #6
6 Walmart Heirs Hold More Wealth Than 42% of Americans Combined !! YOHABLO Nov 2012 #9
Grayson should call it what it is: "WAL-FARE". alp227 Nov 2012 #16
Article earlier about Mormons in Utah use this to have one parent stay home 2Design Nov 2012 #7
Link? alp227 Nov 2012 #18
no I don't have a link 2Design Nov 2012 #23
Go, man, go. Keep telling it, Grayson!! XtopherXtopher Nov 2012 #8
Total Kick and Rec SoapBox Nov 2012 #10
how can Walmart make a State raise the minimum wage? Sunlei Nov 2012 #11
Alan Grayson We Welcome You back! sheshe2 Nov 2012 #12
Damn I've missed... DirtyDawg Nov 2012 #13
It's about damned time we had a Minimum Wage that's a Living Wage!!! TahitiNut Nov 2012 #14
Welcome back, Mr. Grayson. And this doesn't begin to cover what WM has done to small businesses libdem4life Nov 2012 #15
K&R. Yes please! It is not at all fair that we taxpayers are propping up the Owners' greed. Overseas Nov 2012 #17
Grayson, Warren, Sanders, just a few who make the party proud, the voices of We The People. mother earth Nov 2012 #19
What about Senator Franken? I haven't heard anything about him for quite some time. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #20
Def. add Franken to the list. nt mother earth Nov 2012 #22
Wal Mart itself is the largest? Or is the amount of public aid it receives the largest? marshall Nov 2012 #21
I say we cut the aid to Walmart off! Let them stand on their own two feet. Pterodactyl Nov 2012 #25
Walmart's low wages force workers to take food stamps, etc. CountAllVotes Nov 2012 #26
K&R n/t bobthedrummer Dec 2012 #27
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