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39. Hey Little Johnny A
Sat Jan 6, 2024, 01:27 PM
Jan 2024

What was disgraceful was Donny Trump inciting a cop-killing insurrection in order to hold onto power.

On what legal and justifiable basis would Ashcroft use to remove no_hypocrisy Jan 2024 #1
They are saying the border. jimfields33 Jan 2024 #6
It's Congresses responsibility to pass immigration legislation liberalgunwilltravel Jan 2024 #12
They can come up w any ridiculous excuse onetexan Jan 2024 #13
Legal basis? LOL hay rick Jan 2024 #23
and he would be guilty azureblue Jan 2024 #28
The "we're pulling it out our bootie" principle. Artcatt Jan 2024 #63
Lacking a legal or justifiable kevinore Jan 2024 #65
Ye who art an Ashcroft are not an ash worth bucolic_frolic Jan 2024 #2
OK, you said what I wanted to say, better than I would've said it myself. I bow to you. NBachers Jan 2024 #41
Ashcroft:"It's disgraceful and undermined the republic, so I'm going to do it too" Walleye Jan 2024 #3
Conservatives can not have original thoughts. The have always been Status-Quo. LiberalArkie Jan 2024 #19
As a Canadain, I can 2nd that. canuckledragger Jan 2024 #20
No way, conservatives are not fighting to keep the Status Quo! IbogaProject Jan 2024 #51
But you have to realize that the status quo is based on the early 1860's and anything newer than that is LiberalArkie Jan 2024 #69
Another pissed off Republican... ProudMNDemocrat Jan 2024 #4
There's one GIANT problem with your temper tantrum, Sparky Novara Jan 2024 #5
I could certainly read better than him when I was five years old Walleye Jan 2024 #22
ding. AllaN01Bear Jan 2024 #44
on what pretext?! barbtries Jan 2024 #7
The madness won't stop until the orange shitstain dies. CrispyQ Jan 2024 #33
My wife k55f5r Jan 2024 #37
i do agree with that. barbtries Jan 2024 #47
And yet, not unexpected... Half-step Jan 2024 #8
Flying Monkeys Roy Rolling Jan 2024 #9
That's the other side of the coin. Septua Jan 2024 #10
LET THE EAGLE SOAR suegeo Jan 2024 #11
AG Ashcroft Sr. warned off commercial aviation in July 2001. Kid Berwyn Jan 2024 #14
Because GOPer MAGAts BlueMTexpat Jan 2024 #15
I'm inclined to lump all Ashcroft family members into a cow pie. LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #16
Really, there's no way that this wasn't going to happen Orrex Jan 2024 #17
Petty playground politics... GiqueCee Jan 2024 #18
if... myohmy2 Jan 2024 #21
"your honor, evidence #1 that this is baseless..." jvill Jan 2024 #24
Take Biden off the ballot for what? 91 felony indictments? Trying to overthrow the country? Conning everybody that he Firestorm49 Jan 2024 #25
This sounds enough like extortion to make me very uncomfortable ms liberty Jan 2024 #26
So, Jay, why don't you just go... dchill Jan 2024 #27
Not surprised. Whatelse would you expect from the Insurrectionist Pary? KPN Jan 2024 #29
We can always expect malicious idiocy from the Ashcroft family IronLionZion Jan 2024 #30
Ashcroft has been a dirty word in Missouri since Cheney named one of them AG in 2001 DFW Jan 2024 #31
He was also a shitty governor, auditor, Atty-Gen...... lastlib Jan 2024 #34
As a Missourian who has suffered long with his father and now him..... lastlib Jan 2024 #32
Problem is that if he ordered it it would have to be contested in court. Kablooie Jan 2024 #35
Trump can stay on the ballot, idiots can vote for him. The question is can he legally serve if elected. Freethinker65 Jan 2024 #36
This sounds like a very expensive "solution." colorado_ufo Jan 2024 #38
Likely the real goal here is not retaliation, but sowing more election chaos Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #46
Hey Little Johnny A NewJeffCT Jan 2024 #39
Did I miss Joe Biden's Insurrection?? no_hypocrisy Jan 2024 #40
MAGGOTS beget MAGGOTS. MAGGOTS elect MAGGOTS NBachers Jan 2024 #42
snork. AllaN01Bear Jan 2024 #43
I feel like we are getting closer Tree Lady Jan 2024 #45
Sounds like Ol' Jay supports democracy Turbineguy Jan 2024 #48
Threats like that should have personal consequences. LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #49
Next everything will be an "insurrection" Hieronymus Phact Jan 2024 #50
Ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court... Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2024 #52
Little Jay Asscroft certainly is following in Farmer-Rick Jan 2024 #53
Y'know Mr. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft GAJMac Jan 2024 #54
I know you are, but what am I? JoseBalow Jan 2024 #55
ASScroft's post "came shortly after the Supreme Court agreed to review a decision by Colorado's high court red dog 1 Jan 2024 #56
Oh, I know why Ashcroft wants to kick Pres. Biden off the Missouri ballots, we're being invaded by folks SWBTATTReg Jan 2024 #57
fuck all these republican cheaters ZonkerHarris Jan 2024 #58
It's heading toward civil war; sorry to be Debbie Downer. Enough millions WANT it, that may well make it so. Hope they Evolve Dammit Jan 2024 #59
It's so cute how he thinks following the U.S. Constitution is "disgraceful & undermines our republic." ShazzieB Jan 2024 #60
These fascists have no shame. Justice matters. Jan 2024 #61
Hmmm I wonder if they do that... LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #62
Does that fucking dimwit realize he's need a legal reason to do so? Warpy Jan 2024 #64
You're a poopy head Marthe48 Jan 2024 #66
Repugs are just too stupid for words. SouthernDem4ever Jan 2024 #67
Good Grief! All the ideas that they offer this nation are retribution. Rhiannon12866 Jan 2024 #68
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