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Sat Jan 6, 2024, 05:26 AM Jan 2024

Republican secretary of state threatens to kick Biden off the ballot as Trump payback [View all]

Source: NBC News

Jan. 5, 2024, 7:36 PM EST

A top Republican official in Missouri is threatening to remove President Joe Biden from appearing on the ballot as retaliation for the determination in two other states that Donald Trump doesn't qualify because he "engaged in insurrection."

"What has happened in Colorado & Maine is disgraceful & undermines our republic," Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft wrote on the social media site X on Friday. "While I expect the Supreme Court to overturn this, if not, Secretaries of State will step in & ensure the new legal standard for @realDonaldTrump applies equally to @JoeBiden!"

Ashcroft's post came shortly after the Supreme Court agreed to review a decision by Colorado's high court that found Trump could be barred from the state's primary ballot because of his actions leading up to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Colorado's Supreme Court based its ruling on the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, which bars those who "engaged in insurrection" from running for various federal offices.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2024-election/missouri-republican-secretary-of-state-biden-trump-ballot-rcna132600

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On what legal and justifiable basis would Ashcroft use to remove no_hypocrisy Jan 2024 #1
They are saying the border. jimfields33 Jan 2024 #6
It's Congresses responsibility to pass immigration legislation liberalgunwilltravel Jan 2024 #12
They can come up w any ridiculous excuse onetexan Jan 2024 #13
Legal basis? LOL hay rick Jan 2024 #23
and he would be guilty azureblue Jan 2024 #28
The "we're pulling it out our bootie" principle. Artcatt Jan 2024 #63
Lacking a legal or justifiable kevinore Jan 2024 #65
Ye who art an Ashcroft are not an ash worth bucolic_frolic Jan 2024 #2
OK, you said what I wanted to say, better than I would've said it myself. I bow to you. NBachers Jan 2024 #41
Ashcroft:"It's disgraceful and undermined the republic, so I'm going to do it too" Walleye Jan 2024 #3
Conservatives can not have original thoughts. The have always been Status-Quo. LiberalArkie Jan 2024 #19
As a Canadain, I can 2nd that. canuckledragger Jan 2024 #20
No way, conservatives are not fighting to keep the Status Quo! IbogaProject Jan 2024 #51
But you have to realize that the status quo is based on the early 1860's and anything newer than that is LiberalArkie Jan 2024 #69
Another pissed off Republican... ProudMNDemocrat Jan 2024 #4
There's one GIANT problem with your temper tantrum, Sparky Novara Jan 2024 #5
I could certainly read better than him when I was five years old Walleye Jan 2024 #22
ding. AllaN01Bear Jan 2024 #44
on what pretext?! barbtries Jan 2024 #7
The madness won't stop until the orange shitstain dies. CrispyQ Jan 2024 #33
My wife k55f5r Jan 2024 #37
i do agree with that. barbtries Jan 2024 #47
And yet, not unexpected... Half-step Jan 2024 #8
Flying Monkeys Roy Rolling Jan 2024 #9
That's the other side of the coin. Septua Jan 2024 #10
LET THE EAGLE SOAR suegeo Jan 2024 #11
AG Ashcroft Sr. warned off commercial aviation in July 2001. Kid Berwyn Jan 2024 #14
Because GOPer MAGAts BlueMTexpat Jan 2024 #15
I'm inclined to lump all Ashcroft family members into a cow pie. LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #16
Really, there's no way that this wasn't going to happen Orrex Jan 2024 #17
Petty playground politics... GiqueCee Jan 2024 #18
if... myohmy2 Jan 2024 #21
"your honor, evidence #1 that this is baseless..." jvill Jan 2024 #24
Take Biden off the ballot for what? 91 felony indictments? Trying to overthrow the country? Conning everybody that he Firestorm49 Jan 2024 #25
This sounds enough like extortion to make me very uncomfortable ms liberty Jan 2024 #26
So, Jay, why don't you just go... dchill Jan 2024 #27
Not surprised. Whatelse would you expect from the Insurrectionist Pary? KPN Jan 2024 #29
We can always expect malicious idiocy from the Ashcroft family IronLionZion Jan 2024 #30
Ashcroft has been a dirty word in Missouri since Cheney named one of them AG in 2001 DFW Jan 2024 #31
He was also a shitty governor, auditor, Atty-Gen...... lastlib Jan 2024 #34
As a Missourian who has suffered long with his father and now him..... lastlib Jan 2024 #32
Problem is that if he ordered it it would have to be contested in court. Kablooie Jan 2024 #35
Trump can stay on the ballot, idiots can vote for him. The question is can he legally serve if elected. Freethinker65 Jan 2024 #36
This sounds like a very expensive "solution." colorado_ufo Jan 2024 #38
Likely the real goal here is not retaliation, but sowing more election chaos Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #46
Hey Little Johnny A NewJeffCT Jan 2024 #39
Did I miss Joe Biden's Insurrection?? no_hypocrisy Jan 2024 #40
MAGGOTS beget MAGGOTS. MAGGOTS elect MAGGOTS NBachers Jan 2024 #42
snork. AllaN01Bear Jan 2024 #43
I feel like we are getting closer Tree Lady Jan 2024 #45
Sounds like Ol' Jay supports democracy Turbineguy Jan 2024 #48
Threats like that should have personal consequences. LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #49
Next everything will be an "insurrection" Hieronymus Phact Jan 2024 #50
Ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court... Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2024 #52
Little Jay Asscroft certainly is following in Farmer-Rick Jan 2024 #53
Y'know Mr. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft GAJMac Jan 2024 #54
I know you are, but what am I? JoseBalow Jan 2024 #55
ASScroft's post "came shortly after the Supreme Court agreed to review a decision by Colorado's high court red dog 1 Jan 2024 #56
Oh, I know why Ashcroft wants to kick Pres. Biden off the Missouri ballots, we're being invaded by folks SWBTATTReg Jan 2024 #57
fuck all these republican cheaters ZonkerHarris Jan 2024 #58
It's heading toward civil war; sorry to be Debbie Downer. Enough millions WANT it, that may well make it so. Hope they Evolve Dammit Jan 2024 #59
It's so cute how he thinks following the U.S. Constitution is "disgraceful & undermines our republic." ShazzieB Jan 2024 #60
These fascists have no shame. Justice matters. Jan 2024 #61
Hmmm I wonder if they do that... LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #62
Does that fucking dimwit realize he's need a legal reason to do so? Warpy Jan 2024 #64
You're a poopy head Marthe48 Jan 2024 #66
Repugs are just too stupid for words. SouthernDem4ever Jan 2024 #67
Good Grief! All the ideas that they offer this nation are retribution. Rhiannon12866 Jan 2024 #68
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