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Tue Dec 19, 2023, 07:11 PM Dec 2023

Donald Trump is barred from Colorado's 2024 ballot, the state Supreme Court rules [View all]

Source: Washington Post

In a historic decision Tuesday, the Colorado Supreme Court barred Donald Trump from running in the state’s presidential primary after determining that he had engaged in insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.

The ruling marked the first time a court kept a presidential candidate off the ballot under an 1868 provision of the Constitution that prevents insurrectionists from holding office. The ruling comes as courts consider similar cases in other states.

The decision is certain to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but it will be up to the justices to decide whether to take the case. Scholars have said only the nation’s high court can settle the issue of whether the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol constituted an insurrection and whether Trump is banned from running.

“A majority of the court holds that President Trump is disqualified from holding the office of President under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” the decision reads. “Because he is disqualified, it would be a wrongful act under the Election Code for the Colorado Secretary of State to list him as a candidate on the presidential primary ballot.”

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2023/12/19/trump-off-colorado-ballot/

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Yes! About f'in time. Why do we have this law if no one is going to follow it? AllyCat Dec 2023 #1
The Colorado Supreme Court holds that Trump is disqualified from holding the presidency. LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #2
here is the filing from the court...... Takket Dec 2023 #3
A remarkably detailed and well reasoned decision. A tad tedious but well reasoned. TomSlick Dec 2023 #38
It won't be difficult for them at all FBaggins Dec 2023 #41
It will not be difficult for SCOTUS to reverse but TomSlick Dec 2023 #44
But what happens if other states join in? They are going to block all of them? Maraya1969 Dec 2023 #93
Difficult to predict. TomSlick Dec 2023 #95
I am telling you all DENVERPOPS Dec 2023 #97
Yes, they will block all of them using Colorado as precedent. SlimJimmy Dec 2023 #102
My problem with this is that COL Mustard Dec 2023 #66
Yeah, but the 14th doesn't require conviction; it just says "engaged in insurrection or rebellion" William Seger Dec 2023 #92
The "Literalists" will be twisting themselves ina knot stevebreeze Dec 2023 #98
In George Washington's day, Trump would already have been taken out and executed. Lonestarblue Dec 2023 #114
Hallelujah! Drum Dec 2023 #4
Time to buy ketchup futures!! DippyDem Dec 2023 #5
Caps Lock on his phone is about to have a rough night. tanyev Dec 2023 #33
As are bottles of ketchup at Merde-A-Loco. area51 Dec 2023 #51
Merde is shit. Well done. twodogsbarking Dec 2023 #56
BREAKING: by 4-3 vote, Colorado Supreme Court bars Trump from primary ballot LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #6
Kind of wonder how the three dissenters justified their positions rurallib Dec 2023 #8
All Colorado Bludogdem Dec 2023 #52
thank you very much rurallib Dec 2023 #57
Four of them didn't cash their Soros checks. DJ Porkchop Dec 2023 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author DJ Porkchop Dec 2023 #89
Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha mcar Dec 2023 #7
SCOTUS is getting heartburn as we type Maeve Dec 2023 #9
SCOTUS is getting heartburn as we type BunnyMcGee Dec 2023 #16
After all the blowback for recent decisions, the Federalist Society Six must have stomach ulcers by now. sop Dec 2023 #111
Colorado Supreme Court rules Trump disqualified from holding presidency LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #10
So proud of my state. NOW, plenty of others, BE SO BOLD as to follow suit!!!! RobertDevereaux Dec 2023 #11
I wish they'd ban him from TV too! world wide wally Dec 2023 #12
From all media if thats possible onetexan Dec 2023 #40
Wow. I didn't expect that underpants Dec 2023 #13
I'm sure bigmonk Dec 2023 #14
Yup ananda Dec 2023 #37
Now we're fucking talking Blue Owl Dec 2023 #15
States Rights... radicalleft Dec 2023 #17
So will his 3 appointees recuse themselves? Nt LNM Dec 2023 #18
Au contraire! They'll declare him president-for-life by fiat. Orrex Dec 2023 #24
Au contraire! The federalistsocieters-funded-by-the-kochs will agree with CO. Justice matters. Dec 2023 #101
Ugh. Which to hope for? Orrex Dec 2023 #120
For some reason the Kochs wanted Lillie Wu to be the Mayor of Wichita Bengus81 Dec 2023 #127
Hooray! NM's effort to get him off may now proceed apace Warpy Dec 2023 #19
Hey, those start adding up. calimary Dec 2023 #60
Votes add up for Biden Captain Zero Jan 2024 #136
Minnesota and one other state decided the other way on this, so.... AdamGG Dec 2023 #20
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! qwlauren35 Dec 2023 #21
here is the ruling/opinion melm00se Dec 2023 #22
About time that he got legally kicked up his fucking ass. SoFlaBro Dec 2023 #23
His name won't appear on the ballot, but it can still be written in. {edited} mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2023 #25
Wouldn't matter. TwilightZone Dec 2023 #29
Thanks. I had no time to go through the opinion. NT mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2023 #108
Hell, half of his voters MyOwnPeace Dec 2023 #42
Hahahahaha orangecrush Dec 2023 #47
Write-in votes for him won't be counted - stated explicitly in the opinion Prairie Gates Dec 2023 #70
TL; DR, especially since I had just sat down for dinner. Thanks. NT mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2023 #106
Ah, you stated your point with such supreme authority and confidence Prairie Gates Dec 2023 #112
Oh wow, never saw that coming. Dave Bowman Dec 2023 #26
This is going to drive the orange loon right over the edge. flashman13 Dec 2023 #27
Violent traitors have no place in public office. Kid Berwyn Dec 2023 #28
Cue the whine fest on Faux state television tonight. I'd never know cuz I never watch the motherfuckers. Comfortably_Numb Dec 2023 #30
Let the pouty party begin.... durablend Dec 2023 #31
I think this is great, but... eggplant Dec 2023 #32
If he's not on the ballot for the primary ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 2023 #45
It's not necessary to be on the ballot for a state's primary to be on that state's general election ballot. 24601 Dec 2023 #121
True - but the decision probably deals with that FBaggins Dec 2023 #130
Colorado Supreme Court kicks Trump off the state's 2024 ballot for violating the U.S. Constitution LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #34
Party time! ificandream Dec 2023 #35
What a beautiful thing Deb Dec 2023 #36
the proverbial turd just struck the proverbial fanblade 0rganism Dec 2023 #39
my bet is that SCOTUS will allow him on the ballot with a concurring majority of all kinds of opinions prodigitalson Dec 2023 #43
Nice to see there's at least ONE court willing to stand up to Trump perdita9 Dec 2023 #46
Well, that should be interesting. malthaussen Dec 2023 #48
We live in interesting times. nt hay rick Dec 2023 #49
Great news orangecrush Dec 2023 #50
the comments on faux news's website are amusing... moonshinegnomie Dec 2023 #53
K&R AKwannabe Dec 2023 #54
Almost certain to be overturned before the primary. Fiendish Thingy Dec 2023 #55
Yes - and thus likely a bad thing FBaggins Dec 2023 #59
"likely a bad thing" Prairie Gates Dec 2023 #71
No, they cannot John Shaft Dec 2023 #118
Correct - they cannot. But they could if this ruling stands FBaggins Dec 2023 #119
I'm not sure about that. EndlessWire Dec 2023 #69
Without requiring a conviction by a jury, a judge's opinion can be based on anything. Fiendish Thingy Dec 2023 #74
Well, conviction is not required in this case. EndlessWire Dec 2023 #80
Reality, due process and precedent say that a conviction *is* required. Fiendish Thingy Dec 2023 #84
Well, Katyal and Luttig say differently. EndlessWire Dec 2023 #90
Yes, without a conviction I dont see it standing. oldsoftie Dec 2023 #76
Could be by summer Fiendish Thingy Dec 2023 #78
How? FBaggins Dec 2023 #86
Smith's J6 trial Fiendish Thingy Dec 2023 #87
There is already a legal finding of fact EndlessWire Dec 2023 #91
Facts based on no conviction, which is required. SlimJimmy Dec 2023 #104
No conviction is required EndlessWire Dec 2023 #107
It may not be REQUIRED but I still think there should BE one. oldsoftie Dec 2023 #110
So, your'e okay with a few witnesses testifying against you, then you're sentenced to prison? SlimJimmy Dec 2023 #133
This is a matter EndlessWire Dec 2023 #134
State judges, even a supreme court, do not have the final say concerning SlimJimmy Dec 2023 #135
No. A conviction isn't needed Novara Dec 2023 #116
Silly fearmongering Tarc Dec 2023 #100
SCOTUS?? Wait a minuite- What about hair on fire whirling maggots shrieking States Rights States Rights States Rights NBachers Dec 2023 #58
I'm pretty sure they mean CONFEDERATE States' rights. dchill Dec 2023 #61
Gutless Supremes.. Maxheader Dec 2023 #62
2 opposing things here. GreenWave Dec 2023 #63
TRUMP'S TEN ELECTORAL VOTES DOWN. ancianita Dec 2023 #64
Can you explain EndlessWire Dec 2023 #72
I'm reporting ancianita Dec 2023 #115
Wow! ShazzieB Dec 2023 #77
Assuming SCOTUS upholds Colorado ruling and several other states do same, Silent Type Dec 2023 #65
The U. S. Supreme Court Bludogdem Dec 2023 #67
Too bad these conservative . . . DC77 Dec 2023 #82
There is still the originalism Bludogdem Dec 2023 #132
Section 3 doesn't require a conviction TwilightZone Dec 2023 #94
It does not expressly rquire a conviction, but a conviction would be SlimJimmy Dec 2023 #105
Section 3 is self-executing John Shaft Dec 2023 #117
I'm sure this will be appealed by Dump sakabatou Dec 2023 #68
Very interesting! ShazzieB Dec 2023 #73
I'm stunned. EndlessWire Dec 2023 #75
Does a failed insurrection attempt count? Freethinker65 Dec 2023 #79
Of course. In fact it's the only kind that does FBaggins Dec 2023 #81
Treason doth never prosper / What's the reason? Prairie Gates Dec 2023 #113
Damn, what a good start. republianmushroom Dec 2023 #83
49 states to go-nt Ollie Garkie Dec 2023 #85
yay DonCoquixote Dec 2023 #96
One down 49 to go Hassler Dec 2023 #99
No way SCOTUS will let this stand. Kablooie Dec 2023 #103
The vagueness in all this astounds me! Aussie105 Dec 2023 #109
The way I read the announcement is that the decision is stayed until January 4th. 33taw Dec 2023 #122
Your reading is correct - but incomplete FBaggins Dec 2023 #124
I fully believe this will be appealed and the order stayed. 33taw Dec 2023 #128
I agree... and possibly with a larger majority than most expect FBaggins Dec 2023 #129
Joe Biden with a great response to Trump's Colorado Disqualification LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #123
Guess who will save him? DownriverDem Dec 2023 #125
Don't Want Trump Kicked Off OhioTim Dec 2023 #126
Kick kick kickety kick Hekate Dec 2023 #131
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