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4. "What are the charges?" "Don't worry, we'll come up with something."
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 09:24 PM
Dec 7

Today's GOP: Smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses. Only without the bread.

It'll be a nothing burger. My opinion only. And besides, this has ZERO to do with President Joe Biden. n/t iluvtennis Dec 7 #1
...which is why there's no reason not to prosecute Hunter Biden if there's evidence against him. brooklynite Dec 8 #15
probably the same tax thing that was part of the plea deal that went sour Orangepeel Dec 7 #2
Sounded like it with the PlutosHeart Dec 7 #3
"What are the charges?" "Don't worry, we'll come up with something." Grokenstein Dec 7 #4
But it's not the GOP Polybius Dec 7 #5
My understand there is a Special Counsel, but Garland is probably letting it go forward to avoid claims of favoritism Kennah Dec 8 #12
That would be....the Special Counsel that garland appointed? brooklynite Dec 8 #16
I thought the TFG AG appointed him Kennah Dec 9 #21
The actual weaponizing of the DOJ! SunSeeker Dec 7 #6
OMG! PSPS Dec 7 #7
I was all set to vote for Hugh Rodham in 2016 Kennah Dec 8 #13
This is what actual political persecution looks like Bayard Dec 8 #8
Even regular people. Captain Zero Dec 8 #9
H. Biden paid the back taxes. maxsolomon Dec 8 #10
While not often prosecuted, he wasn't the "1st person" MichMan Dec 8 #14
Sure but pare that down to just question 21 f Shermann Dec 9 #18
thanks, that was my point maxsolomon Dec 11 #22
As someone else noted, if his name wasn't Biden, this would be over. ificandream Dec 8 #11
The person who noted it was Biden's lawyer... brooklynite Dec 8 #17
the gun charge wouldn't have been pursued. maxsolomon Dec 11 #23
Trump's goons... CousinIT Dec 9 #19
Funny how they indicted him for non-payment when he paid the back taxes and penalities.. Historic NY Dec 9 #20
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