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13. Frankly, the headline disgusts me.
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 01:43 PM
Dec 7

Nothing wrong with it, except that the idea that a judge can "grant" a "request" for a woman's decisions concerning her health makes my hackles rise. This is, of course, exactly where the GOP wants women, supplicants subject to their condescending whim.

-- Mal

Jesus, she has to go on the public record underpants Dec 7 #1
So this is what women have to go through now Diamond_Dog Dec 7 #2
Don't worry. We are coming for them at the ballot box. We will take our bodies and our lives back. onecaliberal Dec 7 #8
It's Rebl2 Dec 7 #11
So happy for Kate Cox - too bad she even had to go this route as this just should've iluvtennis Dec 7 #3
So will this be appealed and she is stuck until birth? Bev54 Dec 7 #4
You can bet the state will appeal it. Novara Dec 7 #7
That's what I'm worried about. 😟 ShazzieB Dec 7 #19
The legal fee thing is a purposely made roadblock. canuckledragger Dec 7 #20
Who wants to bet leftieNanner Dec 7 #5
Welcome to Red States of America where your first stop for emergency reproductive healthcare is Lonestarblue Dec 7 #6
A woman should not need a court order to take care of her health. This is a tragedy, a creepy tragedy. NNadir Dec 7 #9
'You mean we may not get more wage slaves to throw into the machine?' OldBaldy1701E Dec 7 #10
"..., argued that Cox and her husband had not sufficiently demonstrated that they would suffer riversedge Dec 7 #12
Jeezus! Delphinus Dec 7 #18
Frankly, the headline disgusts me. malthaussen Dec 7 #13
Out-freaking-rageous Ursus Arctos Dec 7 #14
The right-wing freaks want women to have to publicly disclose what should be private medical conditions Lanius Dec 7 #15
State has virtually forced its own HIPAA violation bucolic_frolic Dec 7 #16
This decision should not be made by legislators or judges. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 7 #17
Tx AG is being an asshole LetMyPeopleVote Dec 7 #21
The vast majority of the replies to that tweet are basically calling him evil IcyPeas Dec 7 #22
Still, barbtries Dec 7 #23
I didn't know that judges could practice medicine fromVT Dec 8 #24
I'm a pediatric hospice nurse. Trisomy 18 diagnosis on it's own is a hospice diagnosis mucifer Dec 8 #25
This is just so dammed wrong - a judge making health care decisions. c-rational Dec 8 #26
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