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17. We had a dark red tiny population county here in PA that voted something like 80% 45, do the same
Wed Dec 6, 2023, 02:11 PM
Dec 2023

and they didn't just do it once, but after they were caught and a state judge said STOP, they went back 2 more times to allow "auditors" in to look at the machines. That county used the Dominion machines.

The SOS at the time decertified their machines and told the county they would have to pay for leasing new ones for subsequent (post-2020) elections.

The latest was this -

Supreme Court won’t intervene in Pennsylvania dispute over access to voting equipment after 2020 election

By Ariane de Vogue and Zachary Cohen, CNN
Updated 3:44 PM EDT, Tue September 12, 2023

CNN — The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an emergency bid from Republican election officials in a Pennsylvania county to freeze sanctions related to a dispute about voting equipment and the 2020 election. The case involves actions taken by two of three Fulton County, Pennsylvania, Commissioners – Stuart Ulsh and Randy Bunch – who sought to have Dominion voting equipment examined by a third party after the 2020 election. They claimed they did so to consider whether to continue to use the voting machines.

Multiple outside firms were ultimately given unauthorized access to voting systems in Fulton County after the 2020 election without authorization from the Board of Elections, according to court filings in the special master probe. The third county commissioner only learned that an outside firm had been allowed to inspect the election equipment until after it was done, court filings show.

One of the cyber forensics firms that examined and copied components of Fulton County’s Dominion voting system – Wake TSI – was hired by Defending the Republic, a non-profit founded by former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, according to an invoice from December 2020. Powell has not responded to CNN’s request for comment. None of the third party groups granted access to the voting systems in Fulton County were contracted by the county itself or had the proper accreditation to carry out such an inspection, according to court records.

In July 2021, upon learning of the inspection, the secretary of the commonwealth argued that the inspection itself had compromised the integrity of the equipment by undermining chain of custody requirements and access limitations necessary to prevent tampering. The state secretary issued a directive barring county boards of elections from providing access to third parties seeking to examine state-certified voting systems. The directive provided for the revocation of funding from counties whose machines had been decertified under the directive and stated that Pennsylvania would not reimburse any cost of replacement voting equipment that had to be withdrawn.


smells like disinfo to me. mopinko Dec 2023 #1
why? LymphocyteLover Dec 2023 #2
cuz i'm suspicious of anyone casting doubt on elections. mopinko Dec 2023 #7
Yeah, it's always a fine line for discussing this topic LymphocyteLover Dec 2023 #13
mostly this- mopinko Dec 2023 #8
The article sentence was oddly worded BumRushDaShow Dec 2023 #9
they are supporting the ban from the ballot LymphocyteLover Dec 2023 #11
Trump has spent years trying to convince American voters the elections can be stolen. This is an interesting..... usaf-vet Dec 2023 #14
Let me be clear: This is NOT disinformation. AmBlue Dec 2023 #19
there's no doubt they will try to do this and I bet they did this in 2020 LymphocyteLover Dec 2023 #3
How do you know they didn't succeed? gab13by13 Dec 2023 #5
I think they probably did! One reason dump was so convinced the election was stolen from him LymphocyteLover Dec 2023 #12
Any and all digital stuff... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #4
The corrupt Republicans in Georgia who copied the Dominion software have no doubt shared the copy. Lonestarblue Dec 2023 #6
Dominion should KNOW to be on top of this!! (i hope) bluestarone Dec 2023 #10
The various break ins on the software, the copying of it, the entire backups slightlv Dec 2023 #18
I have NEVER trusted electronic voting machines. Novara Dec 2023 #15
i love my states 100% mail in paper ballots..postage paid even! samnsara Dec 2023 #20
I thought all voting machines in AZ had to be replaced, Bayard Dec 2023 #16
We had a dark red tiny population county here in PA that voted something like 80% 45, do the same BumRushDaShow Dec 2023 #17
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