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Ray Bruns

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17. No, you have to actually have money to hide it from the IRS.
Tue Dec 5, 2023, 07:51 AM
Dec 5

Now excuse me, I have to make some overseas transactions.

Sweet! No one is above the law, all laws. nt TeamProg Dec 4 #1
I wonder RussBLib Dec 4 #5
No, you have to actually have money to hide it from the IRS. Ray Bruns Dec 5 #17
Do we now nail the 1,637 accounts with income tax evasion and those that have hidden bank accounts ? republianmushroom Dec 4 #2
Here is an idea. LiberalFighter Dec 4 #3
I hope the Sackler family is on that list, also Alex Jones too FakeNoose Dec 4 #4
Publishing their names would be like the Panama Papers. rubbersole Dec 4 #6
Here's the Justice Department's announcement. It's a deferred prosecution agreement. ancianita Dec 4 #7
Banks can hide anything bucolic_frolic Dec 4 #8
A lot of it ended up in Stalin's hands DFW Dec 5 #12
That amount of money - out of the banking system and off the books - could fund almost anything /nt bucolic_frolic Dec 5 #16
It was on the record, at least for a while. DFW Dec 5 #19
banks shouldnt get these defered prosecution or no contets deals moonshinegnomie Dec 4 #9
Why defunding the government is a rethugs priority JT45242 Dec 4 #10
See? What'ja don't get is that society is made up of makers and takers. Makers make things happen and 3Hotdogs Dec 4 #11
As a resident LittleGirl Dec 5 #13
$50m on $5b? Sounds like .... 10%?? Very low live love laugh Dec 5 #14
1 percent cotdom Dec 5 #18
It literally pays to break the law. Republicanism in a nutshell. live love laugh Dec 6 #20
So who is going to jail for this? John Shaft Dec 5 #15
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