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12. A lot of it ended up in Stalin's hands
Tue Dec 5, 2023, 01:17 AM
Dec 2023

The Russians hauled off an immense quantity of gold from the Reichsbank. The old coins alone numbered in the tens, if not hundreds of millions of gold coins. The Soviet Union had five immense gold depots. Four were in European Russia. They were for bars and ingots, plus modern Soviet gold coins, such as the Chevronyetz restrikes if the 1970s (not the originals of 1923). The fifth depot, in the Urals, is where the old couns were stored. This includes what they carted off from the Reichbank, what was left from the czars, and what Stalin stole from the Spanish Republic in 1936, which was just about everything they had.

A rogue group of KGB guys saw the writing on the wall as the Soviet Union collapsed, and spirited the whole thing awsy, first to the UK, and then on to the USA. They were selling some of it into the world market starting around 1991. They told their main US distributor that his „children were already too old to see the end“ of the gold coins they had made off with. If you combine what Stalin took from Spain and Germany, I‘m not surprised. They stopped sales, at least temporarily about ten years ago. I guess the group of them already had more money than they knew what to do with. I know two ex-employees of that US distributor, and I saw tiny portions of the stash. It was mind-boggling. An official of the post-Soviet Russian state bank laid out for me all the info on the Russian end, even still had the name and phone number of the ex-KGB guy in San Francisco who was managing the hoard at the time.

Sweet! No one is above the law, all laws. nt TeamProg Dec 2023 #1
I wonder RussBLib Dec 2023 #5
No, you have to actually have money to hide it from the IRS. Ray Bruns Dec 2023 #17
Do we now nail the 1,637 accounts with income tax evasion and those that have hidden bank accounts ? republianmushroom Dec 2023 #2
Here is an idea. LiberalFighter Dec 2023 #3
I hope the Sackler family is on that list, also Alex Jones too FakeNoose Dec 2023 #4
Publishing their names would be like the Panama Papers. rubbersole Dec 2023 #6
Here's the Justice Department's announcement. It's a deferred prosecution agreement. ancianita Dec 2023 #7
Banks can hide anything bucolic_frolic Dec 2023 #8
A lot of it ended up in Stalin's hands DFW Dec 2023 #12
That amount of money - out of the banking system and off the books - could fund almost anything /nt bucolic_frolic Dec 2023 #16
It was on the record, at least for a while. DFW Dec 2023 #19
banks shouldnt get these defered prosecution or no contets deals moonshinegnomie Dec 2023 #9
Why defunding the government is a rethugs priority JT45242 Dec 2023 #10
See? What'ja don't get is that society is made up of makers and takers. Makers make things happen and 3Hotdogs Dec 2023 #11
As a resident LittleGirl Dec 2023 #13
$50m on $5b? Sounds like .... 10%?? Very low live love laugh Dec 2023 #14
1 percent cotdom Dec 2023 #18
It literally pays to break the law. Republicanism in a nutshell. live love laugh Dec 2023 #20
So who is going to jail for this? John Shaft Dec 2023 #15
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