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Response to demmiblue (Original post)

Reminds of another time a clear warning was ignored NewHendoLib Nov 30 #1
Ding Ding Ding angryxyouth Nov 30 #5
. . . and remember, the PATRIOT Act had already been formulated. PTL_Mancuso Dec 1 #30
As much as I criticized Bush whathehell Nov 30 #6
British attack on the Italian naval base at Taranto. Nov. 1940. paleotn Nov 30 #10
Figures. Rebl2 Nov 30 #2
It was rumored shortly after the attack that another country in the region... brush Nov 30 #3
Yes, Egypt said they warned Netanyahu and he denied Quixote1818 Nov 30 #7
Once the crises winds down, Netanyahu's government is toast. paleotn Nov 30 #11
The right wing still loves him and his government Bettie Nov 30 #16
Netanyahu needs to retire. EndlessWire Dec 1 #24
Yup TheRealNorth Dec 1 #26
The right wing isn't the majority of Israelis no more than the majority of Americans are magats.. paleotn Dec 2 #37
And yet, they hold the majority in Bettie Dec 2 #38
Ugh. Your thinking is frozen in the past. Even the recent past. paleotn Dec 2 #39
OK, fine Bettie Dec 2 #40
Bibi was quick to call it his 9/11 IronLionZion Nov 30 #4
leadership in Israel and Gaza OldSWODog Nov 30 #9
300 miles of tunnels NJCher Nov 30 #8
They didn't think Hamas could pull it off. brush Nov 30 #12
I'm going with that second option Orrex Nov 30 #14
12,000 dead Palestinians and counting v 1500 dead Israelis. Who does that benefit? brush Nov 30 #15
Didn't you hear? Orrex Nov 30 #17
Everybody did. Hamas made no secret of it Beastly Boy Dec 1 #28
I know. It's crazy, and the killing has begun again. Extremist on both sides...the Hamas leader... brush Dec 1 #33
Who did you interrogate? Dr. Strange Dec 1 #35
They shouldn't wait Old Crank Nov 30 #13
So we're going to have to deal with brain dead LIHOP conspiracies for half a decade on DU, just like with 9/11 mathematic Nov 30 #18
Not a Jewish conspiracy angryxyouth Dec 1 #22
Apparently the analyst was a woman coffeenap Nov 30 #19
So I guess now that this has come out moniss Dec 1 #20
Another difference between September 11 and October 7 Kennah Dec 1 #21
Especially since EndlessWire Dec 1 #25
Netanyahu has to go now. They cannot wait for the incapacitation of hamas. Others can take over that JohnSJ Dec 1 #23
What, netenyahu allowing innocent people to die Lunabell Dec 1 #27
Hanlon's Razor. maxsolomon Dec 1 #31
I don't have much faith in his innocence in this matter. Lunabell Dec 1 #32
Oh yes he is. He's fighting to stay in power to stay out of jail. Israel needs to boot him out Now. brush Dec 1 #34
Truth comes out a little at a time. Peace to all DUers. twodogsbarking Dec 1 #29
Post removed Post removed Dec 1 #36
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