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20. These morons
Sat Nov 18, 2023, 11:13 PM
Nov 2023

Always forget that free speech isn't a one-way street. You can say X, but others can say not-X in return. Our being able to 'talk back' drives these nazis insane. To them, they have the right to say anything, but the rest of us, especially the uppity women and minorities, have only two rights: To agree with them, or SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP 'cause white boy says so.

Furthermore, while speech may be free, it's not unlimited. Some things you can say aren't legal. Like violent threats. Like perjury. Or opening your face anus after a judge has told you to shut yer gob.

You'd think Americans would know how that works, given how many 'law & order' shows they watch on the telly, but, alas, that is not the case.

Again with the free speech argument BaronChocula Nov 2023 #1
so this is Elise "auditioning" for Trump's agingdem Nov 2023 #2
"who all but shoved a law book up his ass..." TurboDem Nov 2023 #4
It will have been an exercise in futility if her antics don't pan out. no_hypocrisy Nov 2023 #7
"I will be so excited when I hear crowds at the Capitol demanding to hang me !" struggle4progress Nov 2023 #18
congress has no authority to interfere in a trial Layzeebeaver Nov 2023 #3
That's where she's headed................................. Lovie777 Nov 2023 #5
Not enough votes... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #8
She is an embarrassment to New York State. pwb Nov 2023 #6
Grandstanding for the base. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2023 #9
This women has searing hate inside her. So glad she is not my neighbor. nt Hotler Nov 2023 #10
I wish mgardener Nov 2023 #12
For those that are saying trump is done, finished, best take note. republianmushroom Nov 2023 #11
Remember when she used to pass as a rational being? dchill Nov 2023 #13
She is not a lawyer mgardener Nov 2023 #14
Ass kissing performance art The Wizard Nov 2023 #15
Look, as I've said here before, Stefanik is our best "secret agent' within the House GOP conference. machoneman Nov 2023 #16
Member of Trump's 2020 impeachment defense team! struggle4progress Nov 2023 #17
It should be simple limbicnuminousity Nov 2023 #19
These morons ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #20
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