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1. Again with the free speech argument
Sat Nov 18, 2023, 06:57 AM
Nov 2023

Hey shitwit Stefanik! Orange tinted white skin is not a license for unrestricted, unhinged mumbo jumbo. As a matter of fact no one gets a license for unrestricted, unhinged mumbo jumbo. Your complaint is a loser. You're defending a loser. You are a loser. Everyone who champions you is a loser. You lost. You will continue to lose and it's all on tape. If there's a Pearly Gates, they'll replay it all for you before they push the button to the door to hell. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyye.

Again with the free speech argument BaronChocula Nov 2023 #1
so this is Elise "auditioning" for Trump's agingdem Nov 2023 #2
"who all but shoved a law book up his ass..." TurboDem Nov 2023 #4
It will have been an exercise in futility if her antics don't pan out. no_hypocrisy Nov 2023 #7
"I will be so excited when I hear crowds at the Capitol demanding to hang me !" struggle4progress Nov 2023 #18
congress has no authority to interfere in a trial Layzeebeaver Nov 2023 #3
That's where she's headed................................. Lovie777 Nov 2023 #5
Not enough votes... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #8
She is an embarrassment to New York State. pwb Nov 2023 #6
Grandstanding for the base. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2023 #9
This women has searing hate inside her. So glad she is not my neighbor. nt Hotler Nov 2023 #10
I wish mgardener Nov 2023 #12
For those that are saying trump is done, finished, best take note. republianmushroom Nov 2023 #11
Remember when she used to pass as a rational being? dchill Nov 2023 #13
She is not a lawyer mgardener Nov 2023 #14
Ass kissing performance art The Wizard Nov 2023 #15
Look, as I've said here before, Stefanik is our best "secret agent' within the House GOP conference. machoneman Nov 2023 #16
Member of Trump's 2020 impeachment defense team! struggle4progress Nov 2023 #17
It should be simple limbicnuminousity Nov 2023 #19
These morons ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #20
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