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19. Way back in the day
Thu Nov 16, 2023, 09:51 PM
Nov 2023

I took college courses that began to try to deal with the issues presented by science and technology. We explored the concept that there is absolutely such a thing as "dangerous knowledge" in that despite what would appear to be the benign nature of the existence of the knowledge mankind would perhaps not be able to refrain from using it for great evil or possibly even the destruction of mankind.

We explored things like what might have happened if the Japanese hadn't surrendered? Would we have kept dropping nuclear bombs? If we did what then? How much could that have encouraged/discouraged use by other nations in conflicts? There were things we explored in biology, psychology etc. as well. Our profs told us up front at the beginning of the class that there were no quizzes or tests. The only thing required of us would be at the end of the semester to write a paper, length to be optional, of what we thought of what we experienced by having taken the course and what we felt we had learned and to take with us. No grade just simply a pass/fail based on a paper that could be as short as a sentence or so.

I was heartened that most of the people in the class actually did put in serious reflection and wrote multi-page papers explaining their answers to these questions and why they felt that way or how they came to those conclusions. Almost universally the papers identified the need for people in STEM fields to always consider the human impacts of what people in STEM professions do and to always consider as many scenarios as possible on all sides the good and the bad of people in society making use of this "knowledge" we were developing.

I look now at AI as possibly the most dangerous thing we have done since the nuclear bomb. AI and deep fake capability has the capacity to erase that which is true, replace it with the false while claiming to be the truth and then reinforce that claim by dominating to the point of exclusion all information/communication to the contrary and means/mediums. It is vital to ask questions and be wary of those who assure us it is "only a tool".

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Well, let's see if anyone else has the guts to pull ads. grumpyduck Nov 2023 #1
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2023 #4
Tim was busy moniss Nov 2023 #12
Tim 🍎 Apple. rubbersole Nov 2023 #15
🤣 ShazzieB Nov 2023 #16
Apple didnt build the human trafficking calculators that made the holocaust possible. Volaris Nov 2023 #18
I think hundreds of companies already have. CaptainTruth Nov 2023 #13
Makes me proud of the company where I worked for 34 years. MLAA Nov 2023 #2
Well, after they set up the Nazi system to register all the Jews for murder... hedda_foil Nov 2023 #3
OMG. This I did not know. I've just been reading about it since reading your post. MLAA Nov 2023 #5
I support IBM's decision, but recognize their ugly past. usonian Nov 2023 #6
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2023 #7
So is Stalinist Russia/USSR. But still evil. erronis Nov 2023 #20
Beat me to it. Sailingdiver Nov 2023 #9
Way back in the day moniss Nov 2023 #19
Hate to be argumentative, but couldn't the same be said about the printing press erronis Nov 2023 #22
Again, why are my tax dollars supporting his NASA and TESLA programs which are under contract..... turbinetree Nov 2023 #8
Space-X is having worker safety issues because they're cutting corners..... groundloop Nov 2023 #10
Sorry to hear any of these companies are still advertising on X, what the hell did they Bev54 Nov 2023 #11
IBM wants to separate itself from its Nazi business past. keithbvadu2 Nov 2023 #14
How far is a reasonable distance BaronChocula Nov 2023 #17
Thank you for moniss Nov 2023 #21
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