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8. The myth:
Wed Nov 15, 2023, 10:56 AM
Nov 2023

Trump is believed to have real power over millions of potentially violent people intent on having a fascist dictator in their midst. But Trump's real power is the sway he has over the media industry. He has them BELIEVING in the myth of a fascist movement in the nation-- that an army of fascists will overrun the nation's institutions. But it's the media's clinging to that emotion-driven sales point that is the true danger. Fear sells, and the media has ginned up Trump's "power" for the increase of viewership and therefore, the ad sales. For sure, some of Trump's perceived threat is real. There ARE violent people out there just itching to be on the leading edge of counter revolution. But the nation is NOT so severely disadvantaged economically for a rising tide of fascism to take hold. We are still a vibrant consumer-driven society, albeit with plenty of shortcomings and imperfections. Trump's more recent leanings toward punishing and destroying people are not what wins over otherwise ambivalent voters or supporters, no less people who vastly prefer self-government over dictatorship.

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