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What do two assholes provide other than twice as much shit? n/t rzemanfl Oct 2023 #1
Answer political cover brooklynite Oct 2023 #3
Thank you. WTF is an Assistant Speaker though? rzemanfl Oct 2023 #10
third in line EmmaLee E Oct 2023 #30
What you wrote may be a good bumper sticker, with Kevin's face on one side and Gym on the other. Escurumbele Oct 2023 #20
no way would I disgrace my car !!! bobby202 Oct 2023 #32
They provide 1/2 of a soul, each. They sold their other halves. 3Hotdogs Oct 2023 #24
Hmmm, I don't know.... The Unmitigated Gall Oct 2023 #2
The loony 8 don't want McCarthy and got rid of him in the first place BumRushDaShow Oct 2023 #4
"Gymsuit!" Rhiannon12866 Oct 2023 #15
I was going to say the crazy 8's will never go for it underpants Oct 2023 #26
Apprentices. Big sillies, only The Donald gets passes. czarjak Oct 2023 #5
oh yeah, that will work real well Javaman Oct 2023 #6
A do NOTHING 118th Congress,.... magicarpet Oct 2023 #25
Those two turds might float in Dump's gold toilet for a brief time... Blue Owl Oct 2023 #7
Called it! McCarthy coming back! maxsolomon Oct 2023 #8
Reminds me of Thelma and Louise Marthe48 Oct 2023 #9
Unforgettable FakeNoose Oct 2023 #13
Abbott and Costello? BOSSHOG Oct 2023 #11
there is no azureblue Oct 2023 #12
Not Even Sure This Would Be Legal... GB_RN Oct 2023 #14
Like Dwight Schrute, Jim Jordan may *think* he'll be Assistant Speaker, but... LudwigPastorius Oct 2023 #16
Ha! I was just about to post something like that underpants Oct 2023 #27
Rename it assistant sphincter and you're at least more accurate Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2023 #17
15Kev & Gymbo bucolic_frolic Oct 2023 #18
McCarthy has no dignity, no scruples, no morals. Now he wants to join with one of the people who kicked him in the butt. Escurumbele Oct 2023 #19
That worked so well for the Roman Republic. gordianot Oct 2023 #21
In that scenario, what happens... DivByZero Oct 2023 #22
This implies to me that McCarthy was working in the background to undercut JohnSJ Oct 2023 #23
Yes it does. underpants Oct 2023 #28
Speaker is 2nd in line to the presidency EmmaLee E Oct 2023 #29
Figures: It would take 2 GOP asswipes Resistance1 Oct 2023 #31
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