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I couldn't find any details underpants Sep 2023 #1
Trump fraud maliaSmith Sep 2023 #2
This is the culmination of a temporary stay earlier this month BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #8
I'm so grateful there folks here who understand all of this, what it means, what the bottom line is. msfiddlestix Sep 2023 #17
Check the Video and Multimedia forum later. wnylib Sep 2023 #43
✔️ Ty n/t msfiddlestix Sep 2023 #75
Great. Now go after the other real estate fraudsters. Freethinker65 Sep 2023 #3
And go after the bank fraudsters too. "Claw back" needs to be heard often. nt oldsoftie Sep 2023 #28
This was exactly my first thought. Thanks for posting it!! chowder66 Sep 2023 #31
Hold steady for the ALL CAPS retort from the fraudster n/t DJ Porkchop Sep 2023 #4
Look out! underpants Sep 2023 #6
Part of the summary judgement of this count canceled all his business licenses! Here are your links- BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #15
Thanks and WOW. underpants Sep 2023 #36
Most welcome! BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #38
They will appeal forever. qwlauren35 Sep 2023 #82
They would be appealing in the NY state courts BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #85
saw this on... orleans Sep 2023 #5
LOL BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #9
Should be interesting given it's a no-jury trial onetexan Sep 2023 #83
Yeah BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #86
Should suspend the license of the attorneys for at least six months. LiberalFighter Sep 2023 #40
Oh goody, it's almost popcorn time mcar Sep 2023 #7
You bring the popcorn William769 Sep 2023 #20
Right there with you, my friend mcar Sep 2023 #24
That is awesome! Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #10
Shrewd??? After his Atlantic City casinos? bucolic_frolic Sep 2023 #11
Thats shrewd as in shrewed shyster onetexan Sep 2023 #84
Bad news for Donald J. Trump is always good news for me. ZZenith Sep 2023 #12
Wish I knew more about the law because this is confusing. How or even why Vinca Sep 2023 #13
Because Trump's lawyers filed to get the case dismissed by claiming Trump didn't commit fraud. emulatorloo Sep 2023 #16
But wait... there's more BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #21
Woah?! Sorry, like, really? Like a BFD?! I'm so used to drumphf electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #39
In this case, it's more a finding of "liable" or "not liable" BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #44
👍😄 electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #52
So, maybe ANYBODY that did business with these ASSHOLES, could also bluestarone Sep 2023 #55
There was mention from some of the guests on MSNBC shows BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #57
It could impact moniss Sep 2023 #72
Yeah and I saw some speculative analyses BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #73
✔️ Ty n/t msfiddlestix Sep 2023 #74
Since this is a "Civil" case BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #19
Thanks. Now it makes more sense to me. Vinca Sep 2023 #60
Because there is no triable issue of fact. Scottie Mom Sep 2023 #66
Clearly the judge is biased and has to recuse himself! Jim__ Sep 2023 #14
Up to 3.6 billion defrauding. JohnSJ Sep 2023 #18
I am so confused as to felonies, judgments and all that. rurallib Sep 2023 #22
Commit fraud? Run for pResident! Juneboarder Sep 2023 #23
And graft the gullible Republican cultists up to a quarter billion dollars! Justice matters. Sep 2023 #64
This is what I understand . . . AverageOldGuy Sep 2023 #25
Tell him it is loaded with ketchup. LiberalFighter Sep 2023 #41
Not really. Renaissance Man Sep 2023 #77
Love that it is a woman MOMFUDSKI Sep 2023 #26
Bwa ha ha ha Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sep 2023 #27
Trump businesses: fraud. Trump university: fraud. Trump casinos: bankrupt. Trump wiggs Sep 2023 #29
Answer: pazzyanne Sep 2023 #61
Add rapist to that list. Justice matters. Sep 2023 #70
Mimi Roca gab13by13 Sep 2023 #30
Let's not forget the investors, employees, subcontractors, general public, twodogsbarking Sep 2023 #32
Judge ordered the cancellation of all of his New York business certificates and the dissolution LiberalArkie Sep 2023 #33
I predict this will have little to no effect on his popularity as the GOP nominee. progressoid Sep 2023 #34
Effect PSPS Sep 2023 #37
Thank you! progressoid Sep 2023 #42
uh oh...there goes Trump classified documents defense... agingdem Sep 2023 #35
His Big Lie defense too. Justice matters. Sep 2023 #68
"That is a fantasy world, not the real world." nuxvomica Sep 2023 #45
What are Don Jr. and Eric going to do with all this newfound time on their hands? NT mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2023 #46
They can go "help" BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #48
WOW! MASSIVE win for James! EndlessWire Sep 2023 #47
now his approval ratings amongst Republicans will go up another five points ZonkerHarris Sep 2023 #49
Let them. Wednesdays Sep 2023 #50
K&R Thanks for posting. n/t TeamProg Sep 2023 #51
As a NYC'r this makes me especially happy bc... electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #53
It took 50 years BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #54
Yeah, well... sigh. But at least possible to curtail some of the worst further damage ... electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #56
Keep digging. There will be more. twodogsbarking Sep 2023 #58
For this thread LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2023 #59
LOL! n/t EndlessWire Sep 2023 #62
We need to have the banks sue him next for fraud BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #63
from what i heard 1 bank may be in legal trouble moonshinegnomie Sep 2023 #65
As always . . . Aussie105 Sep 2023 #67
Kick dalton99a Sep 2023 #69
It's about effing time! CaptainTruth Sep 2023 #71
So now put Trump Org. on the long list of Trump business failures. Pepsidog Sep 2023 #76
I like it republianmushroom Sep 2023 #78
Trying to catch up on all the good news... Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2023 #79
Months of due diligence are paying off as his castles in the sand get washed away. Torchlight Sep 2023 #80
Endless onion-peeling. czarjak Sep 2023 #81
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