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54. This, exactly
Sun Sep 17, 2023, 10:18 PM
Sep 2023

There is a very nasty streak among some pseudointellectual white guy rock critics to suggest, with varying degrees of volume on saying the quiet parts out loud, that white musicians took Black music and raised it to some "philosophical" quality that it didn't have before. And that women musicians are essentially ascended groupies who might have a pretty voice but don't have any important ideas of their own.

"Rock and Roll Fame" is a weird thing... Layzeebeaver Sep 2023 #1
Yes, but the best part is the non-stop snubbing of Ted Nugent Submariner Sep 2023 #19
They got him in a stranglehold baby. DJ Porkchop Sep 2023 #55
If it weren't for Black musicians peacefreak2.0 Sep 2023 #2
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 Sep 2023 #3
I love that jacket moniss Sep 2023 #20
"I'm okay with Elvis being King of Rock and Roll, as long as I get to be Queen." malthaussen Sep 2023 #21
Ike Turner's cut "Rocket 88" of 1951 is often credited with being the first... brush Sep 2023 #28
I believe it's the same band/recording with a different name. ificandream Sep 2023 #73
Thank you yourmovemonkey Sep 2023 #56
It was such a dumb thing to say. jimfields33 Sep 2023 #4
To call it dumb is putting it mildly. Guy's a complete bigot. onetexan Sep 2023 #42
Good point for sure. jimfields33 Sep 2023 #49
Clearly, he has no intention of doing that. yardwork Sep 2023 #60
Agreed -- Wenner is full of it. n/t whathehell Sep 2023 #13
Absolutely. ShazzieB Sep 2023 #17
This, exactly Withywindle Sep 2023 #54
All this says is that NJCher Sep 2023 #5
What it says to ME is that he was/is a misogynistic racist. Ferrets are Cool Sep 2023 #9
He "never bothered to learn about anyone outside whathehell Sep 2023 #14
Master? I'm not sure what his definition is, look for one instance let's just use Marvin Gaye. ashredux Sep 2023 #6
That was my first thought when he mentioned Marvin Gaye BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #11
Absolutely. He broke the 3-minute-long record restriction with... brush Sep 2023 #29
Post removed Post removed Sep 2023 #7
Yes. Misogynistic racists need to be called out. Ferrets are Cool Sep 2023 #10
I vary between Misogynistic racist and Racist Misogynist. TNNurse Sep 2023 #40
True dat Ferrets are Cool Sep 2023 #50
Buh-bye! demmiblue Sep 2023 #12
Very good Documentary Series on the History of Rock and Roll 3825-87867 Sep 2023 #8
saying a group or type of person isn't "articulate" is misogynist and racist as fuck Novara Sep 2023 #15
exactly DonCoquixote Sep 2023 #24
This is so backwoods stupid SouthernDem4ever Sep 2023 #16
Good!!!! The Grand Illuminist Sep 2023 #18
That's the problem with "emeritus" personalities, they think they've reached a stage in life ... marble falls Sep 2023 #22
Was Carole King articulate enough for you? DonCoquixote Sep 2023 #23
Janis Joplin too. brush Sep 2023 #30
THIS!!☝️ onetexan Sep 2023 #43
His failure of imagination and narrowmindedness is offensive in itself! Withywindle Sep 2023 #51
He wants to be remembered as a racist asshole dalton99a Sep 2023 #25
The jerk moniss Sep 2023 #26
Way to fire, dumbass. Paladin Sep 2023 #27
i have very little respect for the Rock Hall MistakenLamb Sep 2023 #31
You do realize ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #70
Good riddance. ificandream Sep 2023 #32
Wenner had veto power. The Grand Illuminist Sep 2023 #58
Here's the interview . . . xocetaceans Sep 2023 #33
DU shouldn't support racists and misogynists like this guy BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #34
No apologies from me. The Grand Illuminist Sep 2023 #35
There were a bunch of "pop" groups BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #37
Did Josie and The Pussycats had a hit? The Grand Illuminist Sep 2023 #57
The "girl group" the show was based on BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #59
Oh ouch, Television Withywindle Sep 2023 #52
So, did you seek the original remarks or are you just taking others at their word? There's no support xocetaceans Sep 2023 #38
I have had a subscription to the NYT since 1976 BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #39
I don't think anyone has reported that he admitted the book interviews were not confrontational. ificandream Sep 2023 #41
This might have some repercussions for the magazine BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #44
Rolling Stone was great in its early years. He gets all the credit for that. ificandream Sep 2023 #45
He's gross womanofthehills Sep 2023 #68
He was always this bad ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #71
Yes, that what I found but not in the AP article: hence, my complaint about the depth of the . . . xocetaceans Sep 2023 #46
I suggest you re-read the AP article BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #47
Oh the drama. yardwork Sep 2023 #62
That part is why I said it was even WORSE than what had been previously quoted BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #64
I remember reading an interview with Marsha Hunt. yardwork Sep 2023 #66
She is from Philly. BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #67
Oh, it can get much worse than that for the Rolling Stones ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #72
Same as it ever was. Good post. Brenda Sep 2023 #75
Interesting that you brought up Sly and the Family Stone BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #77
The article has been linked and quoted numerous places. yardwork Sep 2023 #61
Wenner maliaSmith Sep 2023 #36
Pale, male and stale TexasBushwhacker Sep 2023 #74
Honestly, his editor/publisher should have called him on it TexasBushwhacker Sep 2023 #48
I have ZERO problem with who he chose to write about BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #53
He said what he believes, and he thinks he has the right to say it. yardwork Sep 2023 #63
It's a shame because so much of the content was relevant BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #65
What the bloody... ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #69
has he always been a dick? prodigitalson Sep 2023 #76
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