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33. Not mini, but micro stroke maybe? A precursor to the real thing?
Thu Aug 31, 2023, 11:34 PM
Aug 31

Can't say I didn't lick my chops when I heard he had had another brain freeze episode as I'm as into schadenfreude against republicans as much as the next Dem, but where is his wife, for God's sake? She needs to do an intervention to get him the care he needs.

She was recently the Transportation Sec'y, presumably still a capable person. Why is she letting him continue to be set-up to fail by his likely successors like this?

If he stops talking to reporters in front of cameras then the problem is solved. Oopsie Daisy Aug 31 #1
They'll just start watching C-SPAN OKIsItJustMe Aug 31 #4
It will be hard to hide it. Oopsie Daisy Aug 31 #21
Who is surprised by this? LetMyPeopleVote Aug 31 #2
Nope Rebl2 Aug 31 #22
McConnell will spit them out ebbie15644 Aug 31 #3
Nah, he's not the same evil bastard that he was... brush Aug 31 #7
You nailed it, brush. Power is all the republicans care about. BComplex Aug 31 #13
Blood is in the water. brush Aug 31 #30
The vultures are circling, just waiting for their time to attack. Lonestarblue Aug 31 #5
"Occasional lightheadedness is not uncommon in concussion recovery and can also be expected ..." OKIsItJustMe Aug 31 #6
Meaning it's going to keep on happening. brush Aug 31 #8
Cleveland Clinic: Post-Concussion Syndrome OKIsItJustMe Aug 31 #10
Thanks. Still doesn't seem McConnell is well. brush Aug 31 #12
Politico: Why Is Nobody Doing Anything About Mitch McConnell? OKIsItJustMe Aug 31 #14
Mitch was not swaying or moving at all. Whatever it was-or is-is more than 'lightheadedness" IMHO riversedge Aug 31 #18
I agree. Retired RN here and when I see these clips I'm yelling to "get him a chair." likesmountains 52 Aug 31 #27
Not mini, but micro stroke maybe? A precursor to the real thing? brush Aug 31 #33
Is it possible that he's had a VNS (vagus nerve stimulator) device implanted, LikesMountain52? Backseat Driver Aug 31 #34
Reminds me of the Skeksi's from Dark Crystal CANADIANBEAVER69 Aug 31 #11
I think that they are my like Hyenas, they can sense weakness and are circling for the kill. The Chainfire Aug 31 #24
Happy to see them scrambling MOMFUDSKI Aug 31 #9
I still say he's not "lightheaded" or "dizzy". louis-t Aug 31 #15
Why hasn't somebody created a "McConnell buffering" gif?? lastlib Aug 31 #16
Glitch McConnell Comfortably_Numb Aug 31 #17
It will just get worse Mz Pip Aug 31 #19
They are only "weighing" whether to have a Special Conference Meeting. maxsolomon Aug 31 #20
They have to call a meeting to discuss DOING THE SUPER OBVIOUS RIGHT THING or not? Brainfodder Aug 31 #23
Maybe they can invite all the right wing justices in and have a meeting.. turbinetree Aug 31 #25
depending on the medical issues, and medications he's on .. SarcasticSatyr Aug 31 #26
But, if he's light headed, he would be grabbing Karma13612 Aug 31 #29
I'm not a doctor or nurse, but it looks like he is Karma13612 Aug 31 #28
Absence seizures, or petit mal, murielm99 Aug 31 #31
Note above: 10. Cleveland Clinic: Post-Concussion Syndrome OKIsItJustMe Sep 1 #35
They smell blood in the water Warpy Aug 31 #32
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