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Bernardo de La Paz

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31. Always backup and archive files, with a copy off-site, preferably not in the cloud
Mon Aug 21, 2023, 12:06 PM
Aug 2023

Cloud is fine for active stuff, and can be a second backup / archive, but it is out of your control and may disappear at any time. Twitter/X is an example of a cloud storage.

The basic rule is three copies of every file: #1 on device, #2 on backup at hand in the building, #3 offsite, such as in a safe-deposit box or in safekeeping with a friend or family member miles away. Every couple of months after backing up on #2, swap #2 with #3 and refresh #3.

If your house burns down you lose #1 and #2, but have #3, if number 3 is far enough away not to be caught up in the same wild-fire.

Archiving is a separate issue from backup. The purpose of an archive is to have a permanent copy of files because if you accidentally delete a file or a file gets damaged, after a while it will be missing from the backups or they will all have a damaged copy of the file. With an archive, you have a good chance of restoring the file.

Every few years, make two complete copies of all files that can be found and put one off-site. Never update the archive, like you refresh the backups.

So, conservative, still think we need a businessman for president? Walleye Aug 2023 #1
Some changes Nasruddin Aug 2023 #6
And at night it will run old Rush Limbaug show reruns SouthernDem4ever Aug 2023 #35
I have never understood why people think a business leader would do a better job as president. Lonestarblue Aug 2023 #7
Absolutely, Biden understands the mission. The government is not supposed to make a profit Walleye Aug 2023 #15
I agree Quanto Magnus Aug 2023 #22
For every successful business leader FredGarvin Aug 2023 #28
IF you run the motherfucking government as a business, what the fuck is the goddamn product? SoFlaBro Aug 2023 #36
Run government like a biz? Invest in people! Strong business invest in their people. Rs hate that Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2023 #29
Serious Republicans among themselves call workers human capital Walleye Aug 2023 #34
Anyone believe him? Anyone? twodogsbarking Aug 2023 #2
Tesla and SpaceX are going strong. truthisfreedom Aug 2023 #4
He isn't running them..... getagrip_already Aug 2023 #21
He has nothing to do with any of that obamanut2012 Aug 2023 #25
Bad choices... hunter Aug 2023 #43
Fuck those too. hunter Aug 2023 #42
No, I don't SpankMe Aug 2023 #12
Yup, 100% this obamanut2012 Aug 2023 #26
In which case, we all need to archive all relevant tweets Wednesdays Aug 2023 #30
The question is, why did he spend so much money just to break it? ashredux Aug 2023 #3
He was goaded into it. Mawspam2 Aug 2023 #10
I remember there was a delay, and rumor that Musk was about to back off the deal Wednesdays Aug 2023 #32
so thats how they get rid of the policital cartoons. Historic NY Aug 2023 #5
Is X a tax writeoff for profits from TSLA? bucolic_frolic Aug 2023 #8
I don't think it would work because he didn't moniss Aug 2023 #24
If we lost every tweet ever made, would that be such a bad thing? progressoid Aug 2023 #9
Everybody needs to step up and archive anything valuable Wednesdays Aug 2023 #33
storage costs makes sense Garion_55 Aug 2023 #11
I use Twitter to check in with Ghana irisblue Aug 2023 #13
Not just a way to save a ton on old content hardly touched on server clusters? Brainfodder Aug 2023 #14
He must be making money by the spaceshipfull with all these improvements. keithbvadu2 Aug 2023 #16
so now will he apply for a "government bailout" (ala car manufactures & banks) ? nt orleans Aug 2023 #17
What a Drama Queen. BlueIdaho Aug 2023 #18
It wasn't failing until you the outstanding business man swept in to save it. Attended Trump U PortTack Aug 2023 #19
How much will his tax writeoff be? He has been waiting a while for it to go under. LiberalArkie Aug 2023 #20
What a Xhit Xhow. LudwigPastorius Aug 2023 #23
He's playing Jenga with Twitter. Earth-shine Aug 2023 #27
Always backup and archive files, with a copy off-site, preferably not in the cloud Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2023 #31
Even though Xitter has been important PlutosHeart Aug 2023 #37
I think he's wrong. It will fail because he removed "block". BradBo Aug 2023 #38
I'd like to nominate Lead and EarlG as consultants. mwooldri Aug 2023 #39
Aww... Big X Shits again Cha Aug 2023 #40
Also....yet another sign of a terrible businessman. You don't publicly predict failure LiberalLovinLug Aug 2023 #41
As far as I'm concerned X is already a failure SouthernDem4ever Aug 2023 #44
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