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24. Looks to me like the Russian fighter dumped too much fuel to the point where it stalled.
Thu Mar 16, 2023, 06:20 PM
Mar 2023

Hence why dumb Ivan couldn't maneuver out of the drone's way. Also, it looks like american aircraft are also dangerous when they are stationary. Another example was the Chinese J-7 that crashed to the ground after colliding with a US Navy EP-3.

I think their intent was clear padah513 Mar 2023 #1
What's Tucker gonna say. Traildogbob Mar 2023 #7
And first report of its being found. Igel Mar 2023 #16
Russians Lie more then George Santos. lapfog_1 Mar 2023 #2
You'd think that the Russians of all people would know the advantages of having a dashcam. NT mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #3
... orangecrush Mar 2023 #21
"Sharp maneuvering." I bet the U.S. ground pilot operating the drone, got a good yelling at 3Hotdogs Mar 2023 #4
I saw something earlier that the Su-27 that clipped it BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #5
Are you believing the story sarisataka Mar 2023 #18
Poisoning the waters below............... Lovie777 Mar 2023 #6
"Russian Tom Cruise" could have easily killed himself with just bullwinkle428 Mar 2023 #8
Too bad ghe ruskie planes didn't crash SheltieLover Mar 2023 #9
I wonder if our drones have a self destruct function? The Jungle 1 Mar 2023 #10
The hard drives do self destruct so the enemy can't get any data IronLionZion Mar 2023 #11
I would think they drone would have a self destruct funtion. The Jungle 1 Mar 2023 #13
I don't believe these surveillance drones even carry weapons IronLionZion Mar 2023 #14
The Reaper system is weapons capable. Warpy Mar 2023 #23
Wow, pretty dangerous flying by Russian pilot, could have downed his plane, was he drunk? Shanti Shanti Shanti Mar 2023 #12
... orangecrush Mar 2023 #22
Weird, Where Are The Pictures & Video... ruet Mar 2023 #15
Those were fighter planes not surveillance aircraft EX500rider Mar 2023 #19
Aliens n/t Polybius Mar 2023 #20
Well, it's pretty hard for fucking russia to deny how this happened bluestarone Mar 2023 #17
Looks to me like the Russian fighter dumped too much fuel to the point where it stalled. Crowman2009 Mar 2023 #24
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