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I think their intent was clear padah513 Mar 2023 #1
What's Tucker gonna say. Traildogbob Mar 2023 #7
And first report of its being found. Igel Mar 2023 #16
Russians Lie more then George Santos. lapfog_1 Mar 2023 #2
You'd think that the Russians of all people would know the advantages of having a dashcam. NT mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #3
... orangecrush Mar 2023 #21
"Sharp maneuvering." I bet the U.S. ground pilot operating the drone, got a good yelling at 3Hotdogs Mar 2023 #4
I saw something earlier that the Su-27 that clipped it BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #5
Are you believing the story sarisataka Mar 2023 #18
Poisoning the waters below............... Lovie777 Mar 2023 #6
"Russian Tom Cruise" could have easily killed himself with just bullwinkle428 Mar 2023 #8
Too bad ghe ruskie planes didn't crash SheltieLover Mar 2023 #9
I wonder if our drones have a self destruct function? The Jungle 1 Mar 2023 #10
The hard drives do self destruct so the enemy can't get any data IronLionZion Mar 2023 #11
I would think they drone would have a self destruct funtion. The Jungle 1 Mar 2023 #13
I don't believe these surveillance drones even carry weapons IronLionZion Mar 2023 #14
The Reaper system is weapons capable. Warpy Mar 2023 #23
Wow, pretty dangerous flying by Russian pilot, could have downed his plane, was he drunk? Shanti Shanti Shanti Mar 2023 #12
... orangecrush Mar 2023 #22
Weird, Where Are The Pictures & Video... ruet Mar 2023 #15
Those were fighter planes not surveillance aircraft EX500rider Mar 2023 #19
Aliens n/t Polybius Mar 2023 #20
Well, it's pretty hard for fucking russia to deny how this happened bluestarone Mar 2023 #17
Looks to me like the Russian fighter dumped too much fuel to the point where it stalled. Crowman2009 Mar 2023 #24
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