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50. And the zany crowd went bananas.
Tue Nov 29, 2022, 09:01 PM
Nov 2022

Walker can drop his pants and take a dump on stage, the people at his rallies would wildly cheer. Walker offers nothing of substance, but the same can be said about the majority of Republican US Senators.

Yikes! WheelWalker Nov 2022 #1
Well he certainly has a way with words n/t luv2fly Nov 2022 #2
In the same way Rube Goldberg had a way with machinery design. LastDemocratInSC Nov 2022 #15
At least the Goldberg machine is entertaining and has a satisfying ending. Probatim Nov 2022 #21
This guy's dumbing it down to a whole new level Blue Owl Nov 2022 #3
And republicans want this thing to represent them in Congress!?!? joshdawg Nov 2022 #4
He'll vote against abortion rpannier Nov 2022 #6
He is just a puppet. He will do anything they tell him to do. nt leftyladyfrommo Nov 2022 #40
"Weak leaders in Washington that not representing us." J_William_Ryan Nov 2022 #5
Word salad with a side of riffing and extra nonsense. Somehow this works for R's. Go figure. Demnation Nov 2022 #7
But it doesn't NJCher Nov 2022 #9
He asks the profound questions NJCher Nov 2022 #8
Well... Mike Nelson Nov 2022 #10
Boil it down for signs. Great point. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2022 #16
DOES he write his own speeches?? YoshidaYui Nov 2022 #11
Problem with a speech writer... HighFired49 Nov 2022 #37
"Pushups and sit ups, not pronouns." ShazzieB Nov 2022 #12
I'm 100% certain that hershel (and shouldn't his name be HEshel???) thinks sdfernando Nov 2022 #28
Eve was the first transgender. Originally 100% male. keithbvadu2 Nov 2022 #13
Eve is the OB y'all, she's the Original Boner!!! MayReasonRule Nov 2022 #20
In Georgia I am pretty sure he is preaching to his republicans base, which is made up of bigots, JohnSJ Nov 2022 #14
And don't forget keroro gunsou Nov 2022 #38
Very true JohnSJ Nov 2022 #39
This guy belongs in a locked psych ward. SheltieLover Nov 2022 #17
Hey Jesus stole 12 men from their families in a time when men were much needed by their families. LakeArenal Nov 2022 #18
Speaking of elevators, it's obvious that Herschel's doesn't go to the top floor. Arkansas Granny Nov 2022 #19
Hershel's elevator doesn't go ANYWHERE,... Ferretherder Nov 2022 #46
Jaw on floor, mind blown sheilahi Nov 2022 #22
Herschel Walker and Unhinged are synonymous SouthernDem4ever Nov 2022 #23
I would like to believe this just killed his campaign BradAllison Nov 2022 #24
THIS reason would need to get in line behind many other reasons Captain Zero Nov 2022 #48
Brain dead goon. And fuck the GOP for doing this (to the voters and Walker). Gidney N Cloyd Nov 2022 #25
Yep. Dumb as a box of rocks. sarcasmo Nov 2022 #32
Doubling down on bad decisions is a GOP trademark, especially since Trump. CrispyQ Nov 2022 #34
Herschel's elevator doesn't have brakes IronLionZion Nov 2022 #26
Maybe Chump is writing Herschel's speeches now? FakeNoose Nov 2022 #27
I hope Bayard Nov 2022 #29
I guess he's right, in a way. BobTheSubgenius Nov 2022 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author sarcasmo Nov 2022 #31
"The lights are on but nobody's home." -nt CrispyQ Nov 2022 #33
+1 n/t area51 Nov 2022 #35
He kind of reminds me of Sarah Palin. milestogo Nov 2022 #36
I'd be willing to bet he's got early CTE. AngryOldDem Nov 2022 #42
Nah hes just really stupid. milestogo Nov 2022 #43
Much "TOO STUPID" TO KNOW HE IS STUPID.!! Stuart G Nov 2022 #47
Dunning-Kruger has entered the room Captain Zero Nov 2022 #49
IOW -- Herschel hates the trans community. AngryOldDem Nov 2022 #41
He cannot be allowed to win! IzzaNuDay Nov 2022 #44
Hopefully we won't have to hear anything elso of this fool... brush Nov 2022 #45
And the zany crowd went bananas. Blue_true Nov 2022 #50
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