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19. "insubordination"
Wed Aug 24, 2022, 09:37 AM
Aug 2022

for speaking truth to power. I do want to see Gaetz humiliated so he can slither back to the sewer he came from and one of these days Boebart and MTG.

My heart is singing with you Bright. MontanaMama Aug 2022 #1
Oh, Her?! Yaaaaay!!! electric_blue68 Aug 2022 #2
You and me both, Bright!! AmBlue Aug 2022 #3
Go, Jones! Beat Matt Geatz in FL's 1st Congressional District! Help turn Florida blue! DONATE! ancianita Aug 2022 #4
I just sent her $25! SunSeeker Aug 2022 #10
Great! people Aug 2022 #5
Oh Happy Day iluvtennis Aug 2022 #6
Excellent news! Thanks, Bright. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Aug 2022 #7
I wish she was a stronger candidate. Phoenix61 Aug 2022 #8
She's a great candidate. SunSeeker Aug 2022 #9
Thx for clarifying...that fascist f..k deathsatan tries to bury everyone and everything he even PortTack Aug 2022 #12
Much, much better than Gaetz but not great. Phoenix61 Aug 2022 #14
Florida Democrats want a fighter against the fascist DeSantis. SunSeeker Aug 2022 #16
Except it seems she did access the system and send the message Phoenix61 Aug 2022 #13
She denies the charge. SunSeeker Aug 2022 #15
I'm not bashing anybody. Phoenix61 Aug 2022 #20
That ain't good Bayard Aug 2022 #22
All of those charges, related to the bitter breakup with her Ex, were dismissed. SunSeeker Aug 2022 #31
Yes, you are bashing her. SunSeeker Aug 2022 #24
I'm not bashing. One of the 3 charges is still pending. Phoenix61 Aug 2022 #25
You brought up 2 old charges that were dropped, yet you didn't say they were dropped. SunSeeker Aug 2022 #27
That's because it is just an investigation! He hasn't been Phoenix61 Aug 2022 #28
It's not "just an investigation." It's child sex trafficking and Jan. 6 investigationS. SunSeeker Aug 2022 #30
Meanwhile, FL has the highest cases per million of any large state TexasBushwhacker Aug 2022 #21
The worst part of the high death count is places Phoenix61 Aug 2022 #23
Herd immunity enough OTHER PEOPLE got vaccinated! TexasBushwhacker Aug 2022 #26
Sweeet ! She's very sharp. nt TeamProg Aug 2022 #11
Don't know how that District votes, but I'd love to see his ass FIRED. oldsoftie Aug 2022 #17
I live in district 1 and I'd love to see Jones defeat Gaetz but the district is overwhelmingly DuaneT Aug 2022 #32
She's a very brave woman!!! wolfie001 Aug 2022 #18
"insubordination" llashram Aug 2022 #19
LETS GO RJ pressbox69 Aug 2022 #29
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Aug 2022 #33
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