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30. "It is due to the loss of operational control of the infrastructure to the occupying forces."
Tue May 10, 2022, 09:12 PM
May 2022

Which has been true since about the first week of the invasion back in February.

That border crossing and facilities are in the northeast of Luhansk oblast, which had been occupied early on.

What precipitated Ukraine's action today, months after the fact?

They probably wouldn't have done it unless they know Europe has enough alternatives ColinC May 2022 #1
Is this some sort of pressure tactic on the part of Ukraine? bluewater May 2022 #2
Alternatively, something may have forced their hand GregariousGroundhog May 2022 #3
Since the gas comes from Russia to start with, what is the new issue? bluewater May 2022 #4
We don't know GregariousGroundhog May 2022 #5
We know the Russians are saying flow should continue as before. Ukraine says it will shut it down. bluewater May 2022 #6
They would have to announce it. taxi May 2022 #15
If it's anything like the problems ignorant Russian soldiers caused at the nuclear radiation site, Lonestarblue May 2022 #12
Could be. bluewater May 2022 #14
not sure this is the big deal qazplm135 May 2022 #7
You are conflating EU oil supply needs and natural gas supply needs. bluewater May 2022 #8
still tied together qazplm135 May 2022 #9
"don't think it's a big deal or likely to be a big deal" An 8% jump in gas futures today disagrees. bluewater May 2022 #10
....... paleotn May 2022 #20
a whole 8 percent qazplm135 May 2022 #22
Sure, the price jumped more WHEN RUSSIAN TANKS ROLLED UP TO Kyiv lol bluewater May 2022 #28
I mean qazplm135 May 2022 #32
For some, freak out seems their favorite hobby. paleotn May 2022 #17
Well, it IS getting warmer now. oldsoftie May 2022 #11
In more ways than one, it seems... bluewater May 2022 #13
Yeah, pity that Ukraine can't ensure the safety of that line while their country is actively... Lancero May 2022 #23
"If the line is that critical to the EU, they can deploy military forces to take over securing it." bluewater May 2022 #29
Russia attacking Ukraine certainly looks like "force majeure" to me. ornotna May 2022 #16
Stop it. paleotn May 2022 #18
Gas it the only thing some nations and people care about. Lancero May 2022 #25
Unfortunately, that is true. paleotn May 2022 #27
...... paleotn May 2022 #19
Desperation. Xolodno May 2022 #21
Ukraine can't ensure the safety of the line while being actively invaded. Lancero May 2022 #24
The Sokhranivka junction is occupied by the Russian forces Beastly Boy May 2022 #26
"It is due to the loss of operational control of the infrastructure to the occupying forces." bluewater May 2022 #30
The fact of being occupied should not be confused with the fact of losing control. Beastly Boy May 2022 #31
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