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24. Ukraine can't ensure the safety of the line while being actively invaded.
Tue May 10, 2022, 08:14 PM
May 2022

All things considered, it's a damn miracle they've been able to secure it for so long as they have.

They probably wouldn't have done it unless they know Europe has enough alternatives ColinC May 2022 #1
Is this some sort of pressure tactic on the part of Ukraine? bluewater May 2022 #2
Alternatively, something may have forced their hand GregariousGroundhog May 2022 #3
Since the gas comes from Russia to start with, what is the new issue? bluewater May 2022 #4
We don't know GregariousGroundhog May 2022 #5
We know the Russians are saying flow should continue as before. Ukraine says it will shut it down. bluewater May 2022 #6
They would have to announce it. taxi May 2022 #15
If it's anything like the problems ignorant Russian soldiers caused at the nuclear radiation site, Lonestarblue May 2022 #12
Could be. bluewater May 2022 #14
not sure this is the big deal qazplm135 May 2022 #7
You are conflating EU oil supply needs and natural gas supply needs. bluewater May 2022 #8
still tied together qazplm135 May 2022 #9
"don't think it's a big deal or likely to be a big deal" An 8% jump in gas futures today disagrees. bluewater May 2022 #10
....... paleotn May 2022 #20
a whole 8 percent qazplm135 May 2022 #22
Sure, the price jumped more WHEN RUSSIAN TANKS ROLLED UP TO Kyiv lol bluewater May 2022 #28
I mean qazplm135 May 2022 #32
For some, freak out seems their favorite hobby. paleotn May 2022 #17
Well, it IS getting warmer now. oldsoftie May 2022 #11
In more ways than one, it seems... bluewater May 2022 #13
Yeah, pity that Ukraine can't ensure the safety of that line while their country is actively... Lancero May 2022 #23
"If the line is that critical to the EU, they can deploy military forces to take over securing it." bluewater May 2022 #29
Russia attacking Ukraine certainly looks like "force majeure" to me. ornotna May 2022 #16
Stop it. paleotn May 2022 #18
Gas it the only thing some nations and people care about. Lancero May 2022 #25
Unfortunately, that is true. paleotn May 2022 #27
...... paleotn May 2022 #19
Desperation. Xolodno May 2022 #21
Ukraine can't ensure the safety of the line while being actively invaded. Lancero May 2022 #24
The Sokhranivka junction is occupied by the Russian forces Beastly Boy May 2022 #26
"It is due to the loss of operational control of the infrastructure to the occupying forces." bluewater May 2022 #30
The fact of being occupied should not be confused with the fact of losing control. Beastly Boy May 2022 #31
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